Backstage news on matches planned for MITB

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    I'd rather see a standard 2vs2 tag-team match at MITB. Evolution can win, due to interference by Hunter, finally killing off The Shield and ending the feud. Without the 'peacemaker' Rollins there, Ambrose & Reigns split up, leading to a match at Battleground.
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  2. I agree that a tag team match would be better.

    This question is for everyone... ADR is in the Ladder match now with his victory over Ziggler in the qualifying match on RAW... who else do you guys see getting in over the next few weeks?

    I was thinking Cody Rhodes, Big E (if he's not in a singles match with Rusev), and Cesaro at least... maybe even Swagger.
  3. Y2J, Cody Rhodes, ADR, Damien Sandow, Adam Rose or Bo Dallas, Cesaro are the 6 I'm predicting to be in the MITB.
  4. ADR - already confirmed
    Cesaro - potential candidate to win briefcase
    Wyatt - doing nothing and it continues feud with Cena
    Cena - doing nothing, obviously going to be on the card
    RVD - ladder match, crazy spots, etc
    Big Show - back on TV, needs something to do
    Kane - if it's for the title (Bryan's unable to compete)

    Looks far too weak. It could be for the title remember.
  5. iyo.
  6. Heres to hoping Zayn makes a surprise debut and gets in on this match.
  7. I won't be surprised if we see Sheamus or Christian in the ladder match at somepoint.
  8. I would save Rollins/Ambrose for Summerslam tbh, but whatever with that, still expecting a great match.

    As for the MITB match, Cesaro, RVD, Christian, ADR, Big E, Sheamus and Rose are the wrestlers I reckon would make the MITB match. Maybe Maddox makes it, who knows.
  9. My personal preference would be to keep those two proposed matches how they are, I would actually rather see two singles matches than a tag match. I think it will give Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns the opportunity to showcase their capabilities as singles wrestlers at a big PPV, it appears that Rollins and Reigns are going to be pushed ahead of Ambrose so why not allow them to pick up singles victories at MITB. I wouldn't mind the tag match as it would still be awesome but I would prefer the original idea.
  10. I want to see Rollins eventually turn on Triple H after getting, I dunno, a title shot and re-join The Shield. That way, we get a tiny bit more of The Shield and they can split in a Triple Threat match for the title.

    As for the MITB match, I'd say also have one for the IC title. Here's my WHC briefcase one if Bryan is able to compete:

    ADR - confirmed
    Bray Wyatt - too good to not be on the card
    John Cena - has to be on the card
    Cesaro - he's on the rise and so should be in this match
    Cody Rhodes - a chance for him to do what he should've done last year, then have a big match with Goldust and become a singles star
    Damien Sandow/RVD/Christian - he won last year and is doing nothing now, but if he does the disgruntled stable, this could start a storyline/ladder spots galore if not fighting BNB/he's a reliable choice and is experienced
  11. MITB match (with/without Bryan):

    Del Rio - WTF?! It's a bloody shame that Ziggler's not in the MITB match, but this guy is.
    Cody Rhodes
    Bray Wyatt/BNB
  12. God I promise to watch WWE again the second I know Y2J is booked again.
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  13. If he doesn't return at MITB, it might take a while. lol
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  14. i love money in the bank
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    Well there goes the Reigns vs. Orton theory.
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  16. Well, all you have to do is...BOlieve :bodallas:
  17. For the MITB, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Cesaro are already confirmed so, as of now, we have two spots to go. Regarding these four, can't say I am thrilled with ADR in it and I certainly thought BNB would have been in it rather then Sheamus but whatever.

    As for the two remaing spots, I too wouldn't mind a Y2J return (would be cool to see him back) and I also wouldn't mind seeing Cody Rhodes, him definetely having the potential for such a match. The only thing about Cody is, I'm not sure if they plan to throw him into singles competition just yet with the whole Goldust thing going at the moment. And of course, there are also the cases of Cena and Bray Wyatt, each of whom could also easily participate, though in Cena's case I fear the rather boring in my opinion possibilty of him having a match with Kane due to his latest interferences in Authority business (helping the Shield this past week and interrupting Stephanie the week before).

    I also like Lockard's idea about having two ladder matches at the PPV, one being for the vacated titles and one for the briefcase. I mean, they wouldn't just sacrifice the briefcase angle, would they?
    In this case, six more spots would open and guys like RVD, Ziggler, Kane, Reigns or maybe even Christian could get involved.

    Other then that, interesting to see who will be next to face Rusev. I suppose another matchup againt Big E should be out of the question anf going against "we, the people" probably wouldn't work at the moment (though as a storyline, with Lana and her political remarks on every show against Zeb, it may sound appealing) and besides, Swagger and Zeb are already busy with Adam Rose. So who's left and available? Big Show perhaps?

    Ambrose vs Seth Rollins should be a lock, USO's likely to defend against Rybaxel, Diva's title blah blah and Paige retains, Bo(ring) Dallas first PPV match and that pretty much sums up the card.
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  18. Another spot was filled on Smackdown. If people ain't too picky about spoilers I can reveal it (or you can read the spoilers yourself)
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  19. Not a great line up for the MITB match at all. I'm baffled as to why ADR got a spot, but hey, at least RVD didn't get in. I'm not particularly fond of Sheamus (not even slightly) or Orton- but at least Orton has good reason to be in there. Would it be silly to assume that Cena's going to get a spot?

    Personally I would have preferred Cesaro, BNB, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and I guess, Randy Orton.
  20. Agreed ^

    Yes, I'm almost 100% sure Cena will be there, unfortunately.

    Hustle. Loyalty. Respect. Turn heel.
    That's all you gotta do, John. Come on, don't be a pussy!
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