News Backstage News on Original Plans for Sheamus Before His MITB Victory, Big Plans for His Future

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    You know, it's funny how DB vs Sheamus was scheduled to happen two years in a row (both at WM 30 and rumored to happen at WM 31, as well) but never ended up happening.
    Third time's a charm, perhaps?

    But, anyways, if Rollins loses to Lesnar at Battleground (or somehow keeps the title, but Sheamo cashes in on him afterwards), then Bork vs Sheamo should be a nice Summer feud.

    Or perhaps Sheamus is destined not to cash in the MITB contract successfully.
  2. Sheamus is the next WWE Champion. He's destined to be the top heel in WWE going forward, he's the best heel they have besides Seth Rollins.. Shesmus winning the briefcase was the best decision they could do.
  3. I like fella, wouldn't want him to cash-in unsuccessfully, or anyone else for that matter. MITB shouldn't be a tool to make others look strong imo

    I would like him going against brock, in fact, that's pretty much the only cool role I see for him right now other then just sitting on the briefcase
  4. Sheamus is not blowing his cash in. I see this happening on reigns when he wins the title.
  5. I have a hard time believing that a heel Sheamus was supposed to win the briefcase and cash it in successfully last year. Streak Killer or not, Brock was always supposed to win the WWE Championship on his way out of the company should he had ever opted returning to UFC instead of re-signing with WWE. Now if a babyface Sheamus won the case and then used it to challenge Lesnar later in the year, I could definitely buy that since Brock vs Sheamus is a match they've always considered doing anyway, but otherwise...

    Anyway, in regards to this year, Sheamus' heel character is one of my favorite things on the show right now so he's certainly not the worst choice for world champion, but if he cashes in on Reigns, I really can't see him keeping the title for more than a couple of months tops. Also, The Authority would be fine with a guy who looks the way he does as the corporate face of the WWE brand?
  6. Sheamus as WWE champ is a product killer, they will need another Cena/DB midcard belt run to keep that shit worthwhile. I don't get the love for the guy, he looks like a muppet and has been absolute SHIT on the mic.
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  7. He's free to cash in on the US Title, right?

    I feel like one of these idiotic Reigns haters when looking at Sheamus. As a directionless go-nowhere midcarder (one of the 90%), he's money. Give him one iota of a push and just seeing him becomes an instant channel change whenever he's on the screen.
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  8. Wait, they're trying Bryan vs Sheamus again?

    I'm sure the people at Pornhub would love to meet the person backstage who has such a massive hard-on for that match
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  9. LOL, as soon as DB's recovered, it really wouldn't surprise me if they tried it for the third time.
  10. I'd be shocked if Sheamus was in any kind of important singles match come next year's Wrestlemania, let alone the WWE Championship match. They're gonna fill next year's card to the absolute brim with as many part-timers as they possibly can (which is understandable considering they have to draw in 100,000+ people), and with what I assume will definitely once again be a 7-match limit, I don't see where Sheamus may fit into all of that.

    You're looking at John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, Daniel Bryan (if he's even back by then), Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Sting, Kevin Owens (he has to make it onto the main card with the way they're booking him now), Seth Rollins, and Bray Wyatt (if they haven't let him fall off the earth by then) all on the same card, and maybe even "Stone GOAT" Steve Austin returning for one final match as well (although I'd bet everything against that one until there's actual proof otherwise.) Unless they're stricken with a whole abundance of injuries or something, Sheamus is destined for the Andre Battle Royal again.
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  11. Sheamus wouldn't be a product killer....I mean he's not "great" on the mic, but he's just as good as Rollins is or better if you ask me. Sheamus has only gotten better in the ring, his look is awesome, and I like his entire image now. I'm not saying he should be destined for greatness, but certainly some main event title runs.
  12. I meant for me personally.
  13. Another Sheamus title run is almost as bad as another Miz title run. He doesn't and never has had the charisma to be the top guy. He's decent enough in ring, but the guy doesn't coax any emotion out of me other then meh.
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  14. Part of it, too, is Sheamus's work. Whenever he's in the ring with a big guy (that isn't Kane) dude delivers quality hoss action, puts on matches of the night, and adds some variety to the card. When you stick him with an athlete or "Indy guy" like Del Rio or Ziggler, the match underwhelms before they have a billion rematches. When you stick him with Cena or Orton, the match is wet shit.

    That might be good a few years ago, but not now, with the indy darlings getting the rocketship pushes and the bigs getting fed to Cena. Him brawling with Lesnar sounds awesome! And also sounds like no buys and a waste of Lesnar. Otherwise the only thing remotely cool is using him to try to dispel this ridiculous belief that Roman Reigns can't wrestle, and if you're doing that in the main event with the best damn roster of in-ring talent you've ever assembled? Fail.
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  15. I don't mind Sheamus in the midcard, I actually like him there. I do agree I would personally keep him away from the main event though. Although I do believe he's much more entertaining as a heel than he ever was as a face.
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  16. Can't help but feel like they saw the betting odds and thought they were being "unpredictable!" with this
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