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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 12, 2013.

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  2. He'd be long gone if it wasn't or Hudson.
  3. Maybe he's using some spare time off TV and the house show circuit (if he's off, which I think he is) to practice wrestling. He's got a nice character, just got to improve in ring skills.
  4. Otunga FTW!
  5. Never liked him anyway's, wasn't as good as I thought he was going to be. I did like the Nexus though that's the only reason why I liked him in the beginning.
  6. lolright. He is great to come on occasionally, and is perfect for any big heel manager role. I would like to see him cut maddox off and join vickie, or TRY to go face and join with Long, since he is on the scene for some reason. I think Otunga is trash and a glorified jobber, but he plays his role well.
  7. Honestly, I think he is right. Otunga doesn't really have anything to offer WWE, and I don't see him being employed if it wasn't for his work outside of WWE.
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  8. I think he is a member who brings something extra to the angle, and always has something to add. I always see him on the BA* trash and assume he could do a lot in the future for any up and coming heels.
  9. Well he is a lawyer and is good with the mic. other wise worthless.
  10. I'm not even impressed by his mic work. He had so much potential in NXT, but he blew it somehow. His mic work seems so meh.
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  11. It's the same as miz, dude isnt that great but he is SO over as a heel. He walks out and the crowd boo's no matter who he is with.
  12. Except Miz is genuinely a fantastic mic worker.
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  13. See i never saw that. I think miz was over at first because people recognized him, and cheered him on as a regular (almost) person going for something he loved. Then he turned and they loved to hate him. He is SHIT in the ring, while Otunga is alright at best, and Otunga doesnt need to be on the mic to be hated on. He literally can walk out with someone and they are instantly hated, same as vickie.
  14. He did win the world heavy weight title though, his ring skills are fine to me.
  15. who is he there? Miz has won many titles, and Otgunga doesnt deserve a title, ever.
  16. Last time I saw him he wasn't too bad in the ring. He wasn't a wrestling machine, but he was pretty decent compared to when he first came in.
  17. I was talking about Miz.
  18. Someone already said miz was good on the mic, he is shit in the ring.
  19. I won't say he's shit because he is former heavy weight champion.
  20. WWElogic? Are you kidding me.
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