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  2. Yeah it'd be safe to assume he returns....January? With bork and they both get run through before we get to see punk/bork...again.
  3. This rematch isn't happening. It didn't draw the first time, no way will they book a rematch of it for their biggest show of the year. One of the main reasons they booked HHH/Brock again for WM29 wasn't just HHH's ego or the fact that they thought it made kayfabe sense to have HHH get revenge on Lesnar but rather the fact that the first match drew big at Summerslam 2012, something Punk/Lesnar failed to do (as much as I enjoyed the build and match, personally.) The beat downs that Heyman received from Punk were a good enough way to end the Punk/Heyman rivalry without having to bring Brock back into it. Punk needs to feud with the Authority next, and more specifically, with Orton. I like the idea of Heyman remaining off TV until Lesnar returns next year.
  4. Kind've happy about that. The storyline with Heyman was pretty bad and I'm not sure if it's cause who he was working with, but that entire thing needed to end.
  5. It's good to see Heyman away from them. I'd be fine with him managing someone new (if they pick well this time), but him returning with Brock would be cool too.
  6. Whaaaa? No Paulrus on The Hoff's television? Blasphemy! Damn you Vinnie Mac. :kiss: Oh well, guess it is for the best. I just wish they had some sort of confrontation with Ryback/Heyman, to kinda plant the seeds for a Bork/Ryback feud down the road. Oh well. I'll miss ya Pauly.
  7. Sounds cool, even though Heyman on commentary would be nice too, but whatever.
  8. I think he should come back with a diva (maybe Paige?) and destroy the divas division. Might make the Divas division slightly credible again.
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  9. He could after Bork dips (wm30's after-deal) and I'd be down.
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  10. At first when you said this I didn't buy it, but after thinking about it, I can kind of see the possibility now with him supposedly being in Europe for a while. It would make sense for him to show up with Paige, saying he found here while he was over there. Plus with him being more around the Divas, it takes the focus away from his past feud with Punk and the connections to Ryback and Axel.
  11. Heyman manageing Paige yes make this happen Paige is the saviour of the divas division this girl has grown up in a family wrestling business and starting training very young she knows the business and if WWE actually gave her a chance she would be fucking awesome
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  12. Paige is overrated. Dear lord give Heyman someone good and male. Needs more than just Brock.
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  13. Who would really make a good Heyman guy though? Axel was a flop, Cryback was a flop as well. Maybe Barrett? Could work I suppose
  14. Maybe if they did a build-up feud for the Rock and Brock at WM 30, the last time it was awesome maybe again and it'll be a memorable Wrestlemania match. I'd lov it!
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