Backstage news on plans for Sandow/Rhodes

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2013.

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  2. Beard vs. Mustache match >
  3. I called it last night, no way is Sandow getting a WHC title run. Rhodes wins the briefcase at SS, completing his baby face turn.
  4. Called it. Do you guys see Sandow with the gold?
  5. :nope: nope it's not gonna happen and YES Sandow will be WHC.
  6. I'm interested in this feud and it would be a nice way for Rhodes to complete his face turn if he wins the briefcase at Summerslam.
  7. No, Cody will prove he's better than Sandow and will win the briefcase and become the WHC at WrestleMania. That's what I'd love to see.
  8. Sounds good, even though I quite like the image and idea of Sandow as World Heavyweight Champion and him giving promos about how he's gonna add class to the gold like no other can do. Maybe he can be the first guy to dethrone Rhodes of the belt at a later date if Rhodes wins the case and cashes it in successfully.
  9. Sounds pretty good. Really looking forward to their feud, face Cody, Sandow as a whole and either one winning the WHC is fine by me.
  10. What if Cody gets booed tonight?
  11. He's not gettin booed. Just let him get a mic and cut a promo on how he trusted Damien and how he should have win the Contract. Then damien comes out and talks shit
  12. No. They'll show what happened on MITB, Damien Sandow will come out and talk about his victory and every man for himself. Then Cody will come out and attack him.
  13. That's mad unlikely.
  14. I know i'm gonna get hate for this but whatever.I don't really understand why you people like rhodes so much,yes most people including myself wanted rhodes to win last night because he has been in WWE for quite sometime and he never got a decent push.That being said Sandow>Rhodes everyday of the week imo.
  15. He's a FIFA fan
  16. This would be a great feud and match, Wouldnt even care who won :emoji_grin:
  17. Told ya. Rhodes will get another shot at the case anyway, I love the Damien Sandow result last night even more now.
  18. Honestly, these "Briefcase on the line" stipulations are the worst. Why should someone have to defend something that they went through pain and suffering to get? (Kayfabe wise)
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  19. I totally agree! It's not a title to begin with, it's just a privilege.
  20. i dont really see sandow willingly putting the contract in the line..... Kayfabe wise, itll be a Gurrerro decision.

    SAndow is too "smart" to put it on the line
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