News Backstage News On Possible Plans For The Wyatt Family, Sting And Roman Reigns Getting A Partner?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 20, 2015.

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    If this is indeed their plan for SummerSlam, then I'm curious to see how they build this up.
    I won't say I'm a huge fan of the idea, but if this turns out to be entertaining, then I won't crap on it if it goes south.
  2. They shouldn't think so hard about this.
  3. Nothing about this sounds appealing
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  4. I think it sounds entertaining if they can give Wyatt and Harper someone good (and I suspect they can find somebody, even if they have to bring somebody up from NXT).

    I think it would be a ton better with Ambrose's presence, but I suppose Wyatt/Harper vs. Reigns/Sting would be alright.

  5. I would love to see Cactus Jack get involved. I've read in magazines Sting had quite the feud with him many years back.
  6. If it's any indication from Monday we're most likely going to see Reigns/Ambrose go against Wyatt/Harper at SummerSlam. I just don't see Sting being involved in this storyline, even if Rowan is thrown in the mix soon. Say Rowan gets thrown in, Reigns and Ambrose are going to introduce Sting to even up the fight? That's not evening up the fight, that's completely tipping the scales in their favor. I wouldn't be surprised if they had Sting be apart of it after all, but if they're going to use him it should be in a bigger capacity.
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  7. Meltzer reported a few months ago that when the Wyatt Family was set to reunite, they were thinking of adding Bo Dallas (Bray's real-life brother) to the group as the newest member. With Rowan out, he could still end up being added to give the group a third member because Wyatt and Harper by themselves feel less like a 'family' and more like just a duo (a 'group' or 'family' needs to consist of at least three members, in my opinion.) And if not him, then someone else, maybe someone from NXT. I'm pretty skeptical of adding Bo to the family to say the least, especially since I like Bo's current gimmick, but who knows. Could turn out to be an excellent inclusion for all anyone knows.

    I don't mind Sting's involvement in this feud. I used to say even before Sting officially signed with WWE that him feuding with the Family could be good. I'm imagining a segment very reminiscent of the NWO days, where the Family are gang-attacking Reigns and Ambrose in the ring and then Sting appears out of nowhere and starts swinging his bat all over the place and cleaning house. Plus, if they're thinking of doing Sting vs Wyatt at WM32, this could be the set-up for it (i.e. the Family puts Sting on the shelf the night after Summerslam until he returns next year.)
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  8. I wouldn't mind it if it's just Reigns and Ambrose against the Wyatt Family. It would seem more appealing to me at least, and it does make Ambrose and Reigns look good as well.
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  9. Plot twist: Sting goes heel & joins the Wyatt family.
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