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  1. lol Always talking about leaving the company when he isn't getting his way. What a useless vanilla midget.
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  2. Calling that Dolph's and Deth like this post.
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  3. He is still having a self proclaimed pity party? He should be thankful to even been in that company. So many others would gladly take his place.
  4. Am I the only one who thinks its just his wrestling persona? Him against the world?
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  5. Meh, well maybe if he wasn't so dull on the mic recently, and he attempted to put on good matches and actually enjoyed having the spotlight on Raw that many would kill for, he wouldn't be so mad. Honestly, the storyline he's in may not be going his way, or the way he likes, but he still gets a lot of screen time. He doesn't really have much to complain about to be that mad in my opinion.
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  6. He reminds of that spoiled brat that always complains in school about something.
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  7. It seems like he's always upset about something. There's really no way you can please some people.
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  8. Agree and disagree.
    It does seem he has a problem with almost everything, but I think the majority of the time it's justified. But yeah, sometimes he's just whining.
  9. Punk's gonna wine. Nothing new.
  10. How is it justified? He gets everything he wants, he was champion for over a year, he is always in the spotlight, he is allowed to call himself the best in the world, what is there to complain about? As said before he is lucky, people would kill to be where he is.
  11. What I meant by majority of the time he's justified is... when he's whining about something to do with himself, it's because he's been put on the back burner again or been censored again or something of that nature... when he complains in other situations it's sometimes on behalf of other superstars getting the same treatment.

    Most of the time I do genuinely think he's just complaining... but there are a decent amount of times where i've completely understood why he's been angry. Even if it's simple stuff of people invading his privacy or the crowd being a typical wrestling crowd and dropping support when he turns heel.

    I guess SOMEONE has to complain about that stuff or it's not gonna get said most of the time.
  12. Again what has he to be angry about? He hasn't been on the back burner for 2 and a half years, he is always in the spotlight. Its not justified, he is letting his ego get the better of him, for months he has been sloppy and boring.
  13. I'm just talking in general. Over the years those are some of the things he has been justified in complaining about. Not necessarily at this very moment in time.
  14. But you are trying to defend him being angry right now.
  15. Not to mention he got high profile matches with The Rock (twice), Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Those are the three main part-timers that anyone on the roster would be eager to have a PPV match with, and Punk got the privilege of facing off with all three of them within one year. That's some pretty strong and faithful booking on top of getting such a long title reign, even if he did lose every single encounter with them.

    I think he's sometimes justified in being angry but most of the time (if these online reports of him being angry to the point of threatening to leave are true), he just comes off like a kid being given a whole lot and it still never being enough.
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  16. Not really but okay.
    Merely acknowledging to the fact he's a whiner and always complaining about something... I just happened to pick up on the fact I sometimes do agree with reasons he has for complaining.
    At the moment (or at least in recent weeks/months), i've seen that he's been pretty annoyed with fans invasions of his personal life, and while WWE was in the UK in November, there was a fair amount of talk about it. THAT I understand him being angry about, just as an example of recent complaints.
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  17. Doubt it, he's always been a drama queen from what I've read. He wants to be the top guy which whilst understandable he goes about it the wrong way.
  18. Seabs summed it up nicely. Punk wants to be top dog, and when he isn't he vents in bad ways instead of proving why he deserves to be on the top on a consistent basis.
  19. I think he's frustrated with being a face mostly. He's said repeatedly in interviews that he prefers to play a heel, and his current character sucks a bit. I know they are setting up him to take down the authority - something that obviously Daniel Bryan should finish off - but Punk should turn heel soon after.
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