News Backstage news on Punk/Heyman; not the end of the feud?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Oct 27, 2013.

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  2. If Ryback is dropped then im fine with it continuing for ONE more month.
  3. Oh after tonight, we still have this feud going. Wonderful.
  4. Horrible feud for everyone involved at this point. There is no where for it to go.
  5. Don't care whether Punk or Heyman comes out on top, just end it tonight.
  6. I think this feud had more meaning when it was just focused on Heyman and Lesnar. This feud feels like it's run its course so I hope it ends soon. Involving every single one of the Heyman guys and having the same insults thrown back and forth is very monotonous.
  7. This isn't the end? Unless Ryback is dropped for the feud, I don't want this to keep going. The feud got very boring quickly and Hell In a Cell seems like a good way to end it but please, no more. D:
  8. How can you extend this feud? He gets Heyman inside the cell, how will Heyman escape Punk's clutches, and since the fans have now paid $100 to watch this not get resolved I'll bet they won't pay it ag... well, pay-per-view buyers are mostly habitual anyway. What are they gonna do? Have Big E run down Heyman instead of Punk (please), bring back Brock (sounds good too), add a new Heyman guy with actual credibility (HENRY)?

    I would pay to see Russo try to write his way out of this wet paper bag of a feud
  9. I like the Henry as a Heyman guy idea. Paul Heyman gets another big, scary guy as his client but this time, it should be better. Paul Heyman did fine with Lesnar and Henry > Lesnar so that happening may turn out well.
  10. WTF CM Punk is banged up and needs time off yet WWE is gonna continue this Paul Heyman feud for the love of god give CM Punk time off to rest hes gonna end up with a serious injury and be out for months at this rate
  11. He only came back around 2 months ago.
  12. I think WWE should not be having him wrestle if they continue the feud. I'd be fine with seeing him coming out and just cutting promos, to be honest.
  13. This feud has never been intriguing. They dropped the ball from the beginning.
  14. The ONLY way this can continue is if it sets up Punk/Lesnar at Mania or Rumble.
  15. Sounds terrible, that'd mean it carrying on for around 3 months since the Rumble is at the end of Jan. Mania is further drop it and build that shit later.
  16. I meant like, Lesnar coming back this monday and taking Punk out for a month or so. Buys them some time.
  17. Urgh Punk going away again, what has he done absorbed The Rock?
  18. He's "banged up".... after coming back 2 month ago :urm:
  19. He'll always be banged up at this point sadly, similar to Cena he'll have that shit in the retirement home.
  20. I wouldn't be surprised. I'd despise it because this feud has run its course already, but it's possible.
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