Backstage news on Punk storyline

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 2, 2012.

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  2. Wonder which legend will show up for next week. :hmm:
  3. SCSA :shock: That would be epic. He did trash talk him after all.
  4. Kevin Nash, He had a mini-feud with Punk 2011. I doubt it though, or The Rock.
  5. JBL is going to be the next one to show up. He'll do some commentary, get in the ring, get beat up, and then climb another mountain.
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  6. Steve Austin [email protected]

    I was in a bar in Mexico watching the football game. Word on the street was some low end piece of trash was talking smack on #WWE RAW. #SCSA

    I think it's likely we may see SCSA in some fashion pretty soon.

    Oops. Just realized there's a whole thread on this. Ha! I'm way behind.
  7. Hornswoggle to scare the shit out of Punk, or GTFO.
  8. It would be a total let down for Austin to return and trash talk Punk, getting us all hyped up, only to disappear straight away.
  9. I'd be down for it as an early precursor to a feud, say Austin mentions how the two have been compared and he's disgusted by that as he'd never back down from a fight. Austin turns and is hit with a GTS as Punk stands over and shouts at Steve how he's never turned his back but now he's flat on it. Austin disappears until after the rumble bar 2/3 mini appearances to brawl abit with Punker before he takes an injunction out on him, speaking about how he and Heyman believe they needed to protect Steve from himself and stop him getting another beating. Punk keeps hold of the title and feuds with Rock at RR, beats him in the match then beats him down post match, Austin returns the next night after Punk brags about ending the great one. They brawl again and Austin gets the upperhand as Punk bails, Austin gets the mic and cuts a promo about always being anti authority so as he was sat at home he was thinking why should he listen to this bit of paper in the restraining order he then tears it up and says he's been signed back to a one match deal with Punk at WM, if he wants respect he has to beat Austin to get it. Punk refuses and leaves the arena, fast forward to Elimination Chamber, Punk is about to beat his last challenger. Just say it's Bryan, Austin runs through the crowd and steals the key from a nearby ref and beats him down before charging in and stunnering both men before sliding out and taking a chair and beating Punk with it, shouting "You're gonna go one on one with old Stone Cold". Punk agrees to the match after losing his title, they wrestle at WM with Punk going over after 2 GTS and kicking out of a stunner.

    I know it'll never happen as above for various reasons but if on the odd chance they did start a feud from it, I'd be cool with him going and leaving.
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  10. APA comes in and talks about respect. CM Punk says he doesn't care and trys to attack them. Ryback comes in and thinks he'll save them, but APA overpowers CM Punk and beats him up then beats up Ryback and leave with cigars lit up and a 12 pack of beer. :damn: :jbl:

    But no, I see Stone Cold coming back next week since CM Punk mentioned him, and Stone Cold even took the time to tweet about it.
  11. Awesome story, although I'm still against Austin appearing so early on. If they are going to leave this one until WM30, I'd rather keep Punk making the odd reference every so often like last week, I'd try and keep the first proper confrontation between the two until at least after RR. I'd probably have Austin return around this time next year to save somebody like J.R from being assaulted by Punk, before cutting a promo on how he's after the little mealie mouthed bastard, before drinking beer and heading to the back keeping everyone happy. The next week I would have Heyman and Austin have a confrontation with Punk not appearing until the end of the show, where he assaults Austin backstage with all sorts of weapons(and I mean a proper assault, not the usual stuff we see in WWE with finishers etc) giving him a kayfabe injury for the next couple of weeks. Then to fill in for the lack of personal confrontation I would have Punk and Heyman smack talk about Austin until he returns and destroys CM Punk's ass.

    I would leave a face-to-face mic battle until after EC. Just think that having it to early ruins the novelty, and we just end up getting tired of the fued. Cena and Rock was overhyped for me, until the point where I just got bored of it and whatever happened at WM was just going to be a let down compared to what was expected.

    Edit - By the way, I like the idea of this fued much more than I did Rock/Cena as that always came across as so forced - I can't really describe it - just like two guys fighting for the sake of it for all the "legendary moments", instead of an actual intense, bitter rivalry which Punk/Heyman/Austin would undoubtedly create.
  12. Allow me to debunk any Stone Cold Steve Austin rumors. He just came off of another knee surgery a couple months ago. He's not ready to wrestle and if he were to come back, that is what would be required of him. Austin will come back next year when he's at full strength.
  13. Yeah, hence my reservations. Besides, I doubt they would have this match at anywhere other than WM30.
  14. Bob Backlund :gusta:

    No... I think JBL is a good guess though.
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