Backstage News On Rey Mysterio And Sin Cara

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 25, 2012.

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  2. True. He is better since he become a tag team with Rey.
  3. So how are they called? Nacho Libre Espanyol, Rey Cara, Sin Mysterio, Chavo & Hernandez, Masked and Masked? :boss:
  4. :lol1:

    Very nice news for both Rey and Sin Cara, so Rey can rest a bit more and Sin Cara can adapt. Well done.
  5. Rey Mysterio needs to kick that bum to the curve and focus on his last push on his own
  6. LAX V5
  7. Pretty good then, glad Rey Rey is helping out Sin Cara. Hope Cara can adapt better, and good to see him working hard now. Probally some advice from Mysterio helping him to push himself. Hope to see him if he improves.
  8. I've found Sin Cara very interesting since he's teamed up with Rey Mysterio. I can see these two feuding at WrestleMania or competing a very credible/young tag-team in a very entertaining match!
  9. Couldn't agree more. I would like that. :otunga:
  10. Rey has helped Sin a lot. They sort of hinted a split between the two on, well, I say hinted, they said "What's next for them after their defeat?". I would have much preferred PTP costing them the match and them feuding with them.
  11. Saw a Sin and Rey match on SD i think last week and was impressed Sin Cara looked bloody good and more confident with Rey Rey by his side. Needs to be done as Rey can't do a full time schedule and we need the Lucha style in WWE.
  12. I wish they would get rid of those fucking mood lights though.
  13. FFS why they still there it's bollocks!
  14. Never saw those anymore, are they still doing that? On Main Event Sin Cara had a singles match and I didn't notice that.
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