Backstage News on Rey Mysterio's WWE Suspension

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 29, 2012.

  2. ADR is probably a more recognisable face in Japan then Rey Rey anyway imo.
  3. Most people must feel surprised when they test positive for stuff. Not sure why he'd be taking that sort of thing though. So he'll probably return around July now, right?
  4. Poor Rey, I can imagine big Johnny towering over him.
  5. What's Amphetamines?
  6. It's a drug that keeps you awake, focused, and reduces fatigue and appetite.
  7. I just want Rey to Wrestle at WM29 next year against SIn Cara after that I don't if retire! But I have see that match! at WM29!
  8. So you are Rey Mysterio !?
  9. Rey Rey doin dat speed
  10. Rey should put Cara over and retire. It's the best decision he could make considering the number of knee surgeries he's been through.
  11. ...then take off his mask revealing he is Randy Savage!
  12. :shock:
  13. #RussoSwerve
  14. I also agree. Rey should put Cara over and retire, it'd put a young talent over and it would actually mean something. They could have an awesome match.
  15. utilizing sin cara as THE high flyer of wwe and replacing rey. not a bad idea. wont b long till sin cara wins the world championship
  16. I think the match itself would also be great, since Rey is able to speak spanish the language barrier won't be a problem, I believe they'd work very well with each other, pure high flying, a passing of the torch... nice.
  17. should make it a TLC match. or a hardcore match. like the match with rey vs sabu.
  18. I think TLC or Ladder would be the best idea, ladder can set up some cool spots for high flyers.
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