News Backstage news on Ryback at Summerslam, and more.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 10, 2013.

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  2. Seems like that'd be a cool idea.
  3. Insightful report.
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  4. So the dirtsheets watch the show too. Good to know.
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  5. "Excuse me! My client Ryback would like to be fed more! Feed him more! Feed him more!!!"

  6. Seriously... BREAKING NEWS!

    I don't even watch raw and I could've made this report... more credible at that!
  7. I suspected that the moment the match was made. Ryback being knocked down by Cena at Payback means he needs to go over a star and I believe Jericho is in WWE to put guys over. He put Ziggler over and now they will use him ot put Ryback over

  8. Lol. Jericho's put EVERYONE "over"... wait no.. he's JOBBED to everyone. Same thing though... I guess
  9. Yeah same thing, I give up on more more IC run with him
  10. I don't see Ryback meshing with Vickie's character at all. I could be wrong but I'll be pessimistic until I see the actual combo.
  11. Ryback doesn't need Vickie as his mouthpiece. I think Ryback was good enough on his own speaking wise.
  12. I'm not surprised by this at all. When Ryback and Vickie had their moment on Raw this week, I figured Vickie would end up being his manager.
  13. I hope Jericho wins Ryback because I want Jericho to win a PPV match. After his loss Vicky can start working as Ryback's manager and put Ryback over one of the midcard champion
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