Backstage news on Ryback/Punk

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  2. Pretty much what we speculated here tonight on other threads.
  3. so PWmania's source for this story is PWinsider?

    lol, great source
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  4. :bully: I DON'T KNOW-lol. It may be a teaser-but what I saw-the first thing that came to mind was "OH SHIT, RUN PUNK!RUN AS FAST YOU CAN!lol). RYBACK Had a look on his face that was PURE -E-V-I-L-, if I was Punk-the minute I saw that look-I'd be out of there in 2 seconds flat leaving nothing but a trail of boot dust behind me-lol.
    THAT DUDE IS TRULY FRIGHTENING!lol, and don't tell me he's as harmless as a housefly-cause I know better!lol.
  5. didnt expect for them to be feuding any time soon. guess it's kind of like punk using the rock bottom :eww: :Haha:
  6. Well it's confusing when you have someone squash the IC champion, pretty much a world championship is the only thing they can go for after that point... it would be interesting if CM Punk won the feud, if they would do it.
  7. lol @ pretending the IC Champ is one step below the world champs

    It goes:

    Random Part timers (Rock/Brock)
    WWE Champion
    HHH again
    Dog shit
    Jerry Lawler (even post heart attack)
    More dog shit
    Mid card champions
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  8. :dafuq:

    We gonna act like what I said isn't true?
  9. Already posted about this so won't bother again, but I would love it if they faced @ HIAC.
  10. Link to your post? Even if you love Ryback I don't see how you could want that for him.

    Ps it will not happen lol.
  11. I'm willing to risk my left bollock that Ryback is not facing Punk at HiAC.

    But yeah I know, Cena will 'miraculously' recover from his injury. To be honest the main reason I want it to happen is to stop this god awful way of his pushing him, it's so tedious.
  13. Fuck no Ryback cant be champion he sucks and has copied past stars gimmicks. CM Punk must remain champion
  14. It is too much, too soon for Ryback. Any time you magically push a guy to the top it is almost destined to fail. You need logical build in the traditional sense of being booked properly to work your way up the ladder. There is a long list of performers who were talented as fuck but were pushed too hard too soon and wound up failing because of it. Ryback needs a steady push, not a leap to the top of the line.

    As far as a 30 minute match... uh... am I the only one who sees a problem with that? We have no idea what a 10 minute Ryback match looks like, let alone 30. Again, this comes with the steady push.

    I understand you are trying to compensate for the poor booking of the Miz/Ryback squash feud, but this is not the way to go about it. Throwing Ryback into a PPV ME would do much more harm than good for his future.
  15. Lmao this made my day. Anyway, without the "random part timers", here's the chain of babyface title contenders.

    -Cena (injured)
    -Sheamus (busy)
    -Orton (filming a movie)

    Ryback's simply next in line. Who's above him?
  16. I still think it should be Miz vs. Ryback at HIAC for the IC title, which Miz would win dirty.

  17. I made a list yesterday. It consisted of Del Boreo, Dolph Jobbler, Dick Butt, his good pal Kane, Big Slow, and a few other bums I can't recall. It's all moot, because Cena will wrastle punk, but I just don't like the idea of Ryback getting a slingshot push because as I told R'Albin, those backfire more often than not.
  18. That's a stupid ass ending then. Reason why WWE is still the piece of shit in the toilet.
  19. They should just go with the backup plan. If they're gonna do it Cena vs Punk again, do it as Survivor Series and make it a good one. Cena is just coming off a surgery and he's already booked for the PPV...

    It'll be a good way to make Ryback lose his winning streak. Otherwise it'll be too many Punk vs Cena just like with ADR and Sheamus.
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