News Backstage News On Samoa Joe's WWE Status

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, May 21, 2015.

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    I am so pumped for his run in NXT! Bring it on, baybay!
  2. noice

    looks like the WWE wants to hold onto him and make his debut worthwhile.
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    I'm so glad he kept his name.
  4. I've been told that was the only reason he came, he wanted to keep his name! via behind the scenes source that would prlly get boned if I mentioned his name.
  5. Oh, that's cool.
  6. Is joe the first fuck since fuckboy punk to get to keep his Indy name?
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  7. Fuck Fat Joe, and fuck Rhyno. NXT is for future stars of WWE, not two jokes like this. Joe is US champ in WWE at best, why they took him and not a Roode, or Aries, is so far beyond me. Fuck it, Joey Ryan has better looks and a dead animal has more charisma, I just don't understand WWE's move here.

    Look at the weird guy come out to music and say nothing, ever.
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  8. Joe vs Steen, I repeat Joe vs Steen. It's a big ask but if Joe is interested he projects great charisma also brah.
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  9. Roode and Aries are under contract with TNA. Joe wasn't.
  10. And They both have been passed over, have they not?
    I get how they did the move was cool, but I just am not a believer. I've been here for 2-3 years, and he has had possibly 1-2 matches I can remember being decent in that time. He is so lazy.
  11. Passed over how?
  12. Turned them down or passed on giving them NXT contracts. Aries was in a WWE tryout before, that i'm sure of.

    I wasn't making much sense in the RoH shit, I wasn't into it most because of the fact when I watched a few times last year, it wasn't running in a correct timeline. Here, I just think Joe and Rhyno are a shit move for WWE, unless Joe is there on the same kind of contract, and will not see time in the actual WWE. Joe is dogshit in my mind, I don't care how he was once in 2012 or back in 2006.
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  13. Aries was passed over for TE I think, yeah. Roode wasn't though. But I see your point on Joe/Rhyno, although I disagree.
  14. We can gladly agree to disagree, I'm sure i'm in the minority who had thought it was hilarious when Joe was rumored to be in NXT. No mic skills, fat and lazy, decent/good/great in ring but it's the same shit constantly. Remember him in that cringeworthy magnus sting angle deal? He was the worst, and that took some work.
  15. What, main event mafia? With that random MMA guy and then that other Tito dude? hahaha that was hilarious. But Joe was pretty awesome for like two months in late 2013 when he was chasing Magnus for the World title. Then Russo did his thing but Joe was good.
  16. You should be on the RAW LD. He was legit only good for a handful of matches during the time i've watched. Magnus looked amazing, Joe did a good job putting him over, which is what he will be doing in NXT I hope.

    Yo @Snowman
  17. hi

    also I came damn close to making a sig bet with you before the NXT show
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  18. This argument seems a bit redundant. As a guy who has seen 2013 Samoa Joe, and 2015 Samoa Joe I can easily say that 2015 Joe is much better. A chane of evnironment was just what the doctor ordered for Joe. He's lost weight, he's motivated and has had good matches since returning to the scene from Dixieland. He's in NXT part time (split with ROH, AIW and AAW and the such) to work with yougner talent and get them ready. He's not taking up too much focus space.
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  19. No, Trent Barretta got to keep his name, too.
  20. Barreta is the name WWE gave him. Before he came to the E he was called Plazma. A quick check on wiki confirms this.
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