Backstage news on Tensai and Ziggler.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 29, 2012.

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    I'm guessing the latter is bullshit because Miz seems to be feuding with Orton now and the upper is common sense. Fucking Dave.
  2. Shit. Orton/Ziggler on a PPV would've been absolutely awesome.
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  3. Miz isn't feuding with orton, he got buried by him. Same as he was pedigreed by HHH and rock bottom'd by the rock.
  4. Cane Dave
  5. Agreed.
  6. Who's got two thumbs and doesn't want Dolph being buried by Boreton?

    this guy

    Also if this is Metzger I am 100% certain that match won't happen anyway
  8. Well if we would have known hating Lord Tensai would put Big Show in the Main Event then I am sure we all would have cheered a hell of a lot harder for him.
  9. Shit in one hand and shit in the other. Both are old and useless.
  10. I like big show

  11. So Big Show's pushed was going to Tensai? From bad to worse. Orton vs Ziggler would've been a great match, but I also don't want to see Dolph getting buried, so it's good to know that the match will probably not happen.
  12. Ziggler vs Orton is most likely happening. You saw Ziggler saying "thats what i want" when Orton was posing in the ring. They'll pull some sort of become the top dog by beating the top dog storyline
  13. I don't know. If Ziggler isn't facing Orton at NWO then he'll just be in a dull tag match with Swags or something. Orton could put Ziggler over if he gets a decent match time with him and makes him look good. Plus Ziggler vs Orton at a PPV would no doubt be absolutely exceptional.
  14. Orton would never put Ziggler over. Not in this lifetime.

    And Ziggler/Swagger is a thing of the past; the only way they are in a tag match together would be if it's the final stage of their break up, which I guess could happen. I would rather the break up happens officially next Monday and Ziggler goes over Swagger at NWO
  15. This. Swagger can use the loss to Dolph at NWO as a turning point and turn face. The Raw after NWO is the one just before 4th of July. Perfect timing for the all American to turn face and for Dolph to push into the main event.
  16. Well they recognized Lord Tensai's gimmick issues and giving him a make over, now they need to put Ryder next in line followed by brodas clay.
  17. Ziggler vs Swagger is a great idea for NWO. It would benefit everyone.
  18. Why? Orton shouldn't be known as a guy who buries people, he puts people over him a lot. If he doesn't, they at least look good coming out of it. I have a lot of respect for Orton for doing that.
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