Backstage news on the Rock

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Good for Rocky, showing them he's the man.
  2. People need to know their role...
  3. Good on Dwayne hes proving to all the haters he loves WWE and can do more dates
  4. The ratings do not lie. Also, when he is on the show he delivers quality and entertaining segments. I understand people's point of view, though.
  5. By people they mean Bob the cameraman.
  6. I didn't expect him to be on as many shows, in a row, as he has. Not even from satellite either :bitw:
  7. I'm sure Rock gives a fuck about these pissant keyboard warriors talking shit about him choosing to promote new multi million dollar films instead of entertaining their fat virgin asses every Monday night.
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  8. Lmao this.

    Dirtsheet nonsense.
  9. The article said people within WWE
  10. I hardly think you and rock are on a first name bases... How does that make you feel?
  12. But he didn't really have a limited schedule last year, did he? With the exception of like one Raw, he was on all of them during the build to WM28. I figured he'd naturally be on more shows this year since he's probably winning the WWE Title.
  13. Good thing he does this, but I don't think he does it ''because''..
  14. If he's winning the belt, it's what should happen.
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