Backstage News On The Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Quite glad (in a way) Punk is injured, because this match makes Shield look like a midcard stable.
  2. I guess it'd make sense. For the Shield fans it ended up being a blessing that Punk got injured then (to some extent ofc) then.
  3. What about :happy:?
    I think this isnt good for the Shield , if the lose they will lose credibility , and it wont be the same
  4. Yes , its great to see them in the main event.....
    But I don't want them to be squashed by Ryback :upset:
  5. Yeah , thats the point
  6. That's why Bryan and Kane are there. Kane is known for putting younger guys over and Bryan isn't afraid to take a loss either and they can easily make it a dirty pin with him.
  7. No, they won't....

    Ryback will squash them for the win :upset:
  8. Could see Bryan losing or Ryback winning. Let's see how it goes.
  9. Let's hope that this match will have The Shield come out strong.
  10. They'd kill off all the heat the Shield have if they let them lose. They will have to knock out Ryback with an "international" object, then take out Kane and or DB with the numbers. Or maybe the man/woman behind the Shield will come out to lend a helping hand.
  11. Raquel would of been perfect for that women role if she didn't leave WWE.
  12. After seeing a somewhat hot angle like Nexus destroyed by jobbing them at Summerslam in their first big match, I wouldn't be surprised to see The Shield lose their first big match at TLC either.
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