Money in the Bank Backstage news on the WWEWHC at MITB

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    Yeah the champ is here #15 let's go Cena
  2. Cena's not winning it. No reason to. Nor any buildup.
  3. No reason? Well they need a transitional champ who is capable of holding the title for a couple of months without looking ridiculous. It probably should be a babyface as Lesnar is likely to challenge for it at SS.

    No build-up? He's just gone over the Wyatt family in a big feud and defeated Kane, the monster who put DB in hospital, giving Cena some momentum. Besides, Cena's the #1 guy and face of the company, he doesn't need to be built up anymore.
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  4. Plenty of other guys who can get the belts. No problem with Cena but give the belts to Reigns or Cesaro.
  5. Both are months away from being ready imo. Cesaro hasn't clicked with Heyman at all for whatever reason and his popularity has actually fallen. Reigns clearly needs to prove himself as a singles competitor and will probably get a big angle for the title culminating at WM31.

    Wyatt would be my 2nd choice after Cena.
  6. Report sounds like complete guess work. Well, I don't know, Cena's always credible and it's not like he hasn't been built, the issue is the staleness, obviously. Seeing Cena as champ would suck, because his character sucks and is very, extremly uninteresting at this point. If they're not going to put the belt on Triple H might as well put in on Wyatt so I don't have to shoot myself.
  7. I think cenas the best Option at the moment id rather see cena get destroyed by lesnar than someone like reigns or wyatt plus it'll be a great match
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  8. Cena winning the belt again? Not interesting, if they put it back on Orton, very fucking uninteresting, Roman, Wyatt or Cesaro? Now that would be fucking interesting. I don't have a problem with Cena winning, WWE just does it for the kids, but it gets boring after a while and as stated in an earlier post, Cena has like no character now, Cesaro is the first person I want walking out with that title.
  9. Oh, well... okay. If this appears to be true, then.. Cena wins it, drops it to Lesnar at SummerSlam, Lesnar drops it to Bryan! Fine by me.
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  10. It does seem like a logical route to follow for Cena to win the belt and then lose it to Lesnar at Summerslam, I actually wouldn't mind this although I would prefer a Bray Wyatt win because I just mark for the guy. I think Bryan winning the title from Lesnar at NOC or HIAC would be a logical route to go down also.
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  11. If Brock Lesnar is being booked to win the championship at Summerslam, then it makes perfect sense for Cena to take the strap home at MITB. Sure, Cena is among the least surprising and least interesting candidates to win the title next Sunday, but you want to make Lesnar's championship win as big as possible and that means triumphing over a top babyface like Cena or Bryan to win the title, and since Bryan isn't around at the moment, that leaves only Cena to do the job.

    The thing I dislike about it is that it means Brock is losing the title BEFORE Wrestlemania next year, which I absolutely hate (since there's no way you can expect them to keep the belt on him from August all the way to next April), but whatever. I'm not gonna rant and complain about that again.
  12. Looking at it in terms of Lesnar's dates/schedule and dirtsheet rumours, it seems that Lesnar wins the belt at SummerSlam. Immediately someone cashes-in their briefcase and faces Cena at NoC. Brock goes away again and is still protected because he hasn't lost a 'proper' match yet.

    Ideally, Lesnar would win the title at the Rumble and drop it at Mania, like the Rock did, but they need Network buys now. Also hope we still get Bryan v Brock at some point, which should be incredible.
  13. While it initially looked like Bray Wyatt was going to win the WWE world heavyweight championship at Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan's injury has forced many creattive changes. It's now likely John Cena will win the title before going on to lose it to Brock Lesnar in the main event of SummerSlam.

    It's possible Bryan's first match back will be challenging Lesnar for the title at Night of Champions, though that does not sound like it's what would be best for Bryan's health.


    So Bray was supposed to win the titles but Daniel's injury changed everything and now Cena is gonna win the titles this is bullshit!!!!!!
  14. Yeah, Cena is winning if Lesnar is coming back. They could have Bryan coming back to beat Cena for the WWE WHC if he somehow retained against Lesnar (or he could not come back) to make the whole Bryan-Authority go full circle, finally Bryan is past all of that. If not, Lesnar wins and we get a young superstar ready to cash in, winning, and Lesnar just leaves? I dunno.
  15. A Cena/Lesnar SS CHampionship match would actually be worth viewing
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  16. Seeing as the winner will most likely be a transitional champion then Cena would be the best choice. It's too soon for most of the competitors, and I'd rather their first reign last more than a month or two.
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  17. That seems the obvious scenario, but who could you possibly see cashing in on him? Cesaro would seem like an ideal candidate if its meant to plant the seeds for a (non-title) match between he and Lesnar at Wrestlemania next year, but the only way that's a probable scenario is if Cesaro challenges the holder of the briefcase and wins it from him... Which is a very meh scenario to me and also quite predictable. Plus, a huge reason for Lesnar winning the title would be to draw more eyes and attention to the product with an actual title reign (even a short one), especially one that culminates in him putting over someone like Reigns at Wrestlemania. Having him lose the championship seconds after winning it wouldn't really accomplish that in as big way as possible, and I don't have complete confidence that they would have Lesnar win the title again later on shortly before Wrestlemania.

    In the event that someone does cash in on Brock and he doesn't win the championship again later on, then at least let him keep it till Night Of Champions or Hell In A Cell (if I were a briefcase holder, I'd think the smartest thing to do would be to cash in on the champion after they competed inside the cell, especially if it's a competitor like Brock.) His dates aren't really a problem imo because none of us know if he's agreed to work more dates or not.
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    I wouldn't say it's "too early" for Cesaro. The dude needs to be built up more after they wasted the rub he got at Wrestlemania, but talent-wise he's there and he's over enough (like "We love this guy!" over, not the "Oooh cool new guy" over Reigns is) to withstand a 2-month long title reign that ends to a "credible in defeat" loss to Brock... but I digress, since he's not winning.

    Is there any way that Brock vs Cena could happen at Summerslam, but NOT for the title? Have someone else win this match, then Cena cuts a promo on Raw and Brock jumps the barricade and beats his ass or something like that? So that way they can let Brock win without losing the title for the rest of the year, lol.

    Sans one of the Shield guys cashing in the briefcase, the problem is that there's really no other option. There's no compelling matchup without Brock or Bryan for the belt right now, is there?

    Don't even say it, Waco... :lol1:
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