News Backstage News On Triple H And Stephanie From Last Night's RAW, The Ascension Coming Soon?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 2, 2014.

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  2. Sounds about right, I'm pretty stoked to see what kind of debut vignette they have in mind for The Ascension, hopefully it's pretty fitting.
  3. Why were people mad again?
  4. I'm pretty amped up for their debut. Tag Team division needs to be shaken up a bit.

    My guess is that The New Day will take the titles from Miz & Mizdow... Then The Ascension will be taking the Tag Team titles from The New Day.
  5. Probably.. I at least hope that The Usos don't get it back at TLC.
    A New Day will probably take it after they finish out their current program with Goldust & Stardust.
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  6. Screw the bloody Usos, they had their time.

    Yes, that's my exact guess. The New Day will likely take it from The Miz & Mizdow at the Rumble. Then, they'll be dropping 'em to The Ascension, possibly at Mania.
  7. Sandow vs Miz
    Ascension vs A New Day

    are two matches I see happening at WM.. possibly could be sooner at the Fast Lane PPV for Sandow vs Miz.
  8. Yup, that's how I see it, as well.

    All I care about is Sandow getting his deserved push, would be sweet if he got his win over The Miz at WM31, though. But we'll see where it happens.

    Oh God no, this Fast Lane/Fast Track had better be all rumors. Nobody wants to see this crap, man. It would be better if there was a gap 'tween the Rumble and WM31, we would have longer build-ups before everything culminates at Mania. Now it's up to the WWE to pull their heads out of their asses.
  9. It's a CM Punk thing, probably. :heenan:
  10. I don't even think Fast Lane is the name of the PPV, it was one of the things they trademarked recently but I think that's just because it's for John Cena's Fast Lane Application for smartphones.. We'll see though, the announcement will probably be made at some point by year's end.
  11. Let's just hope that doesn't happen.

    If the EC is getting dropped, like the rumors have been saying, then they should simply leave a gap between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 31.
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  12. Spoiler: They are. Why do you think they're #1 contenders? The New Day almost had that chance if only one move would have pinned that match, but Usos won the turmoil match that spanned across many commercial breaks. COMMERCIAL BREAKS, people.
  13. You look at my name, I'm a Sandow mark they'll let him win another match as the tag teaim champs.. they wont lose till the PPV right before WM 31 where Miz will face Sandow and Sandow will go over.
  14. Hopefully they won't debut as the newest members of Wyatt's family as they were rumored to before. I'd rather see both Bray Wyatt (at least for the time being) and The Ascension stick to being on their own.
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    The Usos are lame. They had their time as Tag Team champs. Here's a spoiler for you, The Usos are gonna lose at TLC and I am glad about that. :happy:

    The New Day are next in line to win the Tag Team titles from Miz/Mizdow, probably at the Royal Rumble. It's kinda obvious, bro.
  16. Yeah, but I kinda have a feeling they will. If they wanna continue this whole Ambrose/Wyatt saga into the Rumble, then they could bring in The Ascension to cost Ambrose the victory.

    But yeah, The Ascension debuting would prolly be for the best if they were on their own. We'll see what happens, though.
  17. HHH and Steph, my opinion of you:
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  18. About god damn time. I figured it would be soon when their latest promo in NXT to Balor and Hideo said "The war isn't over" but followed it up "the next time we meet". I knew they'd be moving up soon after that.

    Wyatt included or not I hope they do the Ascension right. So far from the promos I've seen on Smackdown and stuff I'm not so sure. Here's to hoping.
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  19. Yes, doing Balor/Itami vs The Ascension on the main roster again would be sweet. I'd be up for it.

    With those vignettes, The Ascension doesn't seem like they'd be siding with Bray, they're not creepy enough with their new Road Warriors-like gimmick. LOL
    I think they'd be better off on their own, though.

    We'll see what happens, can't wait for next week!
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