News Backstage News on Undertaker's WMXXX Plans

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jan 2, 2014.

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    Looks like this match is definitely off, what with Lesnar now going after the title. I said a while back that if Undertaker wants to work a few more years, facing Lesnar would be the wrong move. Even a heel Sheamus would suck. Give Cena his shot.
  2. Sheamus just sounds terrible. I'll be pretty bummed if Taker/Lesnar doesn't happen, honestly. I don't want the match with Cena to happen this year, and there's no one else I really want to see Taker face except for those two. Sting isn't jumping over to face Taker, nor would I want him to. Wyatt and Taker could work some magic and make for a great build (Taker playing some mind games of his own with the Wyatts sounds cool) but the match wouldn't in any way live up to the standard set by Taker and his opponents the past several years.
  3. Sheamus ain't exactly soft in the ring either lol. He can be a stiff mofo.
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  4. These just get worse, Lesnar, Ryback and now Sheamus :eww:
  5. Sheamus vs Taker LMFAO. that will draw
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  6. So that's why they had Punk fight Taker last year. He's softer than baby shit.

    Jk, lol
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  7. I don't understand why people don't like Sheamus. Yeah his time as a face was annoying, but the guy is a great worker and could make a great match with Taker.
  8. Have him face Kenta and get the shit kicked out of him
  9. Taker>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kenta
  10. Why the Jk? It's true.
  11. I don't think taker has more than 3 years left in him. I wonder if they'll end the streak in the near future or let it live on while he rides into the sunset.
  12. I like Sheamus lol, but he works a very physical style also, so it's ridiculous that they have him as a plan to face Taker.
  13. Dont see why it isn't Brock and then he retires undefeated. Not the same if he retires randomly at WM32 or WM33.

    I say go out with a bang at the top of his game this year undefeated at WM30.

    They are building Brock as an unstoppable monster who better to defeat him than the immortal Undertaker?
  14. Because his character is boring and he's been shoved down our throats in the past despite him getting only mediocre reactions from the crowd at best.
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  15. I remember the reports of Sheamus wanting to fight Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and I also remember laughing at each one of them because that would never happen or I'll shoot my left foot. As for Lesnar, a shame really. Kinda looked forward to seeing this rivalry once more, not sure if they ever fought while Undertaker has his deadman gimmick though.
  16. I honestly think yo go with Bray Wyatt. Im not sure you could have any bigger build up than promos with Bray and Taker. Could also throw in the idea of Kane wanting some sort of Revenge on the Wyatts from Summerslam and could do Taker and Kane vs the Wyatts if you didnt want a Bray/Taker match
  17. Fella vs Taker is enough to make me skip WM entirely. SO, so, so bad.
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