News Backstage news on Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. Should have had this match last year, frankly.
  2. I honestly don't want this match.
  3. Enjoy being in the minority. Taker and Brock will go to war.
  4. Typical IWC cry baby bullshit way to look at things. No offense
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  5. Not interested in part-timer v part-timer.

    Heyman went up against Taker this year anyway.
  6. Its not typical IWC bullshit, I just dont like Brock Lesnar and wouldn't like to see Taker Vs Lesnar. If it happened I wouldn't complain there is just other opponents I would prefer especially in the build up.
  7. This match will be money. Lots and lots of money.
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  8. Hopefully they build up Brock Lesnar back to beast status. Like beating CM Punk would do any good. lol
  9. There's few stars at Brock's level, so Undertaker is really the only decent option. That said, I'm not too excited.
  10. OK, my bad, this is the typical crybaby IWC bullshit:


    seriuosly though who doesn't like Lesnar? the fuck
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  11. Brock vs Taker seems like a good fit to me.
  12. I couldn't care less if they are part time or not, As long as when they come they entertain me thats fine.
  13. I hope Taker cuts a promo on what a skank Sable is/was.
  14. When did I say I didn't like Lesnar? pahaha

    Just not interested in this match happening.
  15. How does brock not entertain you? He is fucking Bork LAZER pew pew pew pew pew
  16. You don't think Brock vs Taker would be entertaining? Did you watch punk vs lesnar? Name a better match since
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  17. Sorry my thoughts were confusing because of the multiquote.

    Adam doesn't like Bork. You were the one I was hating on for giving the typical IWC spiel of 'don't want to see part time vs part time'
  18. His lack of mic skills is a factor as Heyman cuts his promo just saying he is a beast, His HHH matches were okay but I really enjoyed his Cena and Punk matches, He entertains me at times and at others not so much.
  19. I didn't say it wouldn't be entertaining I would just prefer a different match but thats just personal opinion.
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