Backstage news on Vince and The Rock

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  2. I'm still not convinced vince will give the title to the rock
  3. I don't think he will either to be honest. I can see Punk beating Rock due to a Cena interference. Then Punk vs Ryback at WM with Ryback winning.
  4. Nobody thought Rock would be allowed to beat Cena either, but he did. Hope for the worst and you won't be disapointed.
  5. So Dwayne is playing politics to be the one to end CM Punk's reign wow
  6. True, I never thought for a second he was going over Cena cleanly. However, he has a huge movie schedule in the summer and can barely promote his Wrestlemania or Rumble match, so I can't see the title going around someone's waste who isn't even there.
  7. Rock is winning the title and I hate it.
  8. In response to the first sentence, how does anyone actually expect somebody to benefit from Ryback ending Punk's long reign only to hold it for a month and drop it to Punk? Seriously, somebody explain it to me? It does a lot of damage to Ryback, not only would it make it seem like a fluke but it will make his first reign meaningless and be quickly forgotten as things will resume between Punk/Rock. His first reign, and the reign that ends Punk's, needs to make a lasting impression. Not to mention, it ruins a lot of what Punk's credibility would be going into Rumble. People will only buy into the fact that the match isn't a foregone conclusion if Punk's year long reign remains intact by the time he goes to face the Rock. The little break right before would kill all that effectively. Thus responding in less buys, which granted won't kill them and will probably only be a handful of people in the grand scheme of things but still.

    As for the latter half of that report, it kills me reading that. And just when almost all my doubt about Punk retaining at the Rumble was beginning to fade away completely.
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  9. I agree completely. I don't think Ryback should've been rushed to the ME like that in the first place, and I didn't want him to win the title. I've also made it clear on other posts that I don't want a part timer with the belt.
  10. Am i the only one who wants to see Vince screw Rock out of the title?

    Picture this, Punk vs Rock, Rock hits a Rock Bottom, finishes Punk off with the Peoples Elbow, get the pin clean, breaking Punks streak, hold the title up, only for Vince to come down, restart the match, screw Rock in some really dirty "Bret Hart" way, and have Punk win, then the next night on Raw trash Rock about leaving and going do movies.

    Vince would get tons of heat like he used to have when wrestling was good, Punk would get even more heat, Rock would get what he wants, to break the streak, and the fans wouldnt have to have a champ that would leave while keeping their vision of the Rock intact. Its a win/win/win/win.

    It could also lead to more heat with Punk still claiming to have held the title and denying that he ever dropped it at the Rumble.

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  11. I'd mark at Vince screwing Rock. You have some good ideas tbh three.
  12. Rocky winning..

    Fans may hate it, but I'm sure Vince will love it.


  13. Re: RE: Backstage news on Vince and The Rock

    Thanks Crayo. If only i could have married Stephanie McMahon... I would have been the one waiting for Vinnie Mac to die.

    Honestly, now that i think about it, I would have been happy settling for just getting her pregnant.

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  14. Whoever thought Ryback should win the belt at Survivor Series only to lose it back the next month is retarded. Wasn't that the big reason Ryback didn't win it at HIAC? Because they had already planted the seeds for Rock-Punk at the Rumble and thus Ryback would have only been able to hold it for a couple of months at most before losing it back to Punk, which would be detrimental to both Ryback and the Punk-Rock program?

    (I don't think Rock is winning at the Rumble either. Been saying it for a couple of months now.)
  15. I just hope Rock doesn't win at the Royal Rumble...

    It will be plain stupid to let a part timer end the longest WWE Championship reign in RAW history....
  16. That sounds terrible . . .

    First, let's start with the plot-holes that would create. Plot-hole I: if the Rock wins clean, how can Vince re-start the match and get away with it? Logically the Board Of Directors would just end up revoking the restart and giving Rock the belt he won. I mean, the relieved Vince of his day-to-day duties and overturned his decision of firing Cena; and they reprimanded Big Johnny when he made it crystal clear that he intended to cheat on behalf of Ziggler to screw Punk out of the title. That's two instances in the past year and a half (at the time of the 2013 Rumble) where the Board Of Directors play an integral role and based off the scenario you've presented, it'd be downright ridiculous for them not to overturn Vince's decision of restarting the match due to abuse of power. If WWE does that, it defeats the entire purpose so it can be assumed that they wouldn't so plot-hole I.

    Plot-hole II: Why the hell would Vince do this in the first place? It'd be completely out-of-character. Like, why would Vince help out Punk? It wasn't too long ago that they were fighting each other. Now Vince is suddenly going to side with the man who he fought in his last match. That doesn't make any sense. There's no real reason for Vince to turn heel against Rock, Rock returning has been good for business. It'll just be turning him heel for the sake of having heel Vince of old back regardless of Vince's current character of the past two years (again, most of the time he showed up in the past two years was in an antagonistic role towards Punk).

    Moving away from the plot-holes, on a personal note I just don't want heel Vince of old to return. As a matter of fact, I'm sick of the heel authority figure story-lines or even an authority figure in general playing a big role in the main angle. I don't want Vince interjected into this angle, as much as I do love Vince.

    Oh, and on the rules of re-starting matches, Punk wouldn't of dropped it at The Rumble & The Rock wouldn't of ended the streak, so he wouldn't of gotten what he wanted (assuming Rock legitimately wants to be the one to end Punk's reign). It would've been a cock-tease, that's all.

    But back to other problems with the idea, where does it go from there? Where is the pay-off? I mean, I really don't want to see Vince wrestle again. I mean where does Vince go from here? He can't logically side up with Punk since Punk shouldn't ever agree to being on sides with him since a big part of his character is being a "Paul Heyman Guy". So unless you want Punk to ignore all that and create plot-hole 3. So Vince kind of has to be removed from the angle after that as Rock will be getting a rematch against Punk (the Board of Directors or Triple H will at least give Rock that much) & Punk would probably tell Vince off. Vince will probably then make some stipulation in the rematch that screws Punk over to an extent too (the alternative will be doing nothing). So the rematch will happen, at Mania or Chamber, and will have Punk vs. Rock II, with at most a slight stipulation change. So basically, unless you're ignoring the development and past of the characters and the characters themselves, you've basically created a plot point that only serves to stall a decisive result. It doesn't add much of anything to the story, it's just a stall. Plot points that only really serve as a stall are poor plot points (alliteration rules!) in my opinion.

    Now, if I was going to book a way for Punk to retain due to interference of some sorts against The Rock, I'd go with The Shield. And yeah, that does have it's problems of being pretty much the same finish as the previous PPVs (granted I'm assuming here for TLC) but the same can said about screw-job finishes in general (granted not back to back) so meh. But this makes totally sense based off that interview segment which I've watched about ten times. Rollins says something along these lines "The Board Of Directors ultimately have to answer to the WWE Universe. The all mighty WWE Universe. And you know what that is? That's a popularity contest. And that's not right Michael!" The Rock has what, won two matches since coming back for a fourth of the year? The main reason he'd be getting a title shot would be because he's super popular. It would fit in perfectly with The Shield's motivations that have been set up.

    Then, that can set up a match at Chamber (assuming The Rock can fit it into his schedule) that's The Shield vs. The Rock, Ryback (who in my fantasy booking, just won the Rumble), & John Cena. Hell, you can even do The Shield a gigantic favor and have Cena turn on Rock during the match to set up a rematch at Mania (as much as I am against that idea), and have them win the match. Of course following that I'd have no idea what you can do with The Shield to keep the momentum going after that but whatever I'm just spit-balling alternative ideas. Not that I'd actually book what I'm saying right now. Either way, even though it does have it's flaws, I think this idea is three times better than the Vince one (heh heh, get it? Because your userna . . . okay I suck. Sorry).
  17. Well its been well known that WWE doesn't care about plot holes. They do what they want, and Vince does what he wants, just look at what Rock did Miz/Cena at Mania a few years ago.

    As far as the shield goes, do you really think they should be involved in something as high as a Rock match? I don't. Them against Ryback? Cool. Them against Rock, hell no. Them against Cena? Do you really want to see Cena bury another faction like he single handedly bury Nexus? Because you and i both know that would be exactly what happens.

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  18. Once again Politics from backstage occurs. I will be pissed off if Rock defeats Punk. Punk deserves better then this and hate to say this. So does Ryback.
  19. Yes, WWE doesn't care about plot-holes, I'm not quite getting your point here. Your idea still contains plot-holes, and a major one at that, at best you're equating your idea to bad angles I've bashed WWE for in the past.

    The Shield are currently the biggest angle going on today in WWE. If booked right, they can remain that way until The Rock comes along. And when that happens, they'll most likely fall down to second or third biggest thing going on in WWE. Again, this is assuming WWE remains somewhat consistent with their booking which I know, isn't always the most likely thing to happen but it has happened before (Ryback for example, has been booked consistently since day one). So it's not like someone of no to little importance prior will suddenly face The Rock like Santino. The Shield are right now held to high importance, it's not unreasonable or even a bad business decision to have them face with Rock, Ryback, & Cena, especially assuming this has been something that's been building since Survivor Series. Besides, I like the idea of Rock facing people who you know, can actually benefit from the bout. Not the Cena's or the Punk's of the world (Not that I have any problem with Punk vs. Rock at the Rumble, but your idea hinges on the notion that Punk vs. Rock will have a rematch, which I'm really against).

    The logic of the match would also be that Rock would hardly have to wrestle but you'll still get buys based off the fact that he will be wrestling. And again, the months of build up, but once more I more than acknowledge that WWE can easily mess this up beforehand by screwing with The Shield. Also, where are you getting Cena single-handily burying them? I'm suggested a six-man tag match, first of all it's nigh impossible to single-handily bury someone when you got two people helping you; secondly I had place Cena in the match mostly because he fits and also so WWE will be able to build towards the Cena/Rock rematch they'll have, which would be to see Cena cost Rock the match. Meaning The Shield would win the match. I already detailed that in my last post.

    As I also detailed in my last post, that is NOT how I'd book things (like I'm against a Cena/Rock rematch). I was spit-balling an alternative idea to your Vince interfering idea. The Shield immediately came to mind because it's the exact opposite of the Vince one. With Vince costing the match, you'd be completely ignoring Vince's character for the past year and a half and you'd also be involving someone who can't possibly benefit from getting involved in Vince. The Shield's interfering makes perfect sense considering the motivation that had been stated by them, and involving them with The Rock can actually benefit them if played right.
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