Backstage News On Wade Barrett's Future & SummerSlam

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Would be nice to see Wade Barrett as World Heavyweight Champion. :otunga:
  2. Barrett VS Punk could have been epic. I wonder if they would have mentioned the taking over of the Nexus? Either way that feud should happen eventually.
  3. Yeah it would've but I'm fine with Jericho Vs Punk. Not sure on that.
  4. Barrett to win MITB and feud with Punk. That's heaven for me.
  5. I would love to see Wade vs. CM Punk at Summer Slam! But I think that should keep the Mitb PPV! Have Wade when the Raw or SD MITB! Though on SD right now he could be draft to Raw if there is a draft this year? That why I said both! But would even brand he on he win that 1 and then have someone else win the other and push then so that why I like the MITB PPV you get 2 winner so we know 1 but we don't know who gonig to win the other. and the past 2 year the MITB PPV has been the BEST PPV OF THAT YEAR! 2010 was a SHITED YEAR but the 2010 PPV was best out of then all even that year WM26! And then 2011 MITB just pass that year before WAY BY! And by far was the best PPV of 2011! That why MITB PPV SHOULD STAY! And being that it in June now can really help it since June last year had the wrost buy rate with that CRAP PPV CP! And then in July have an Old greatr PPV like Not Way Out replaced is great move on WWE part! What I really think taht should is have Wade vs. CM Punk at Summer Slam by cash in the MITB like RVD and have a full with Wade winning and being the new WWE Champion! The would put WADE OVER! And Wade can become the next big time HEEL Star like Edge and JBL were!
  6. The MITB PPV had to go and it has so good riddance to it.
  7. Wow, MITB at SummerSlam would be pretty fucking awesome. If they do move it and he's in it, we can almost know he's winning.
  8. Agreed -- it adds so much more prestige to Summerslam. Though I don't want Summerslam to be basically a MITB PPV now, I still want to see those epic summer angles on top of the MITB match. They could link together so well.
  9. Surprised to see that you like Wade. :shock:
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