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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC-WWETHEPHENOM, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. The News basically says that WWE Corporate previously said on TV that Cena would be out 4-6 months, but due to the not SO seriousness of Cena's injury, he didn't need a major surgery or LOTS of time, they just wanted to surprise US ALL announcing his early return @ HIAC vs ADR.
    Plus, WWE is heavily loading this HIAC PPV, why? SIMPLY because of the fans & their heard disappointment with the last 2 PPV endings, hence the reason on this time, having a winner for their main event, plus Cena & HBK returning.

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  2. The fans were disappointed with the last 2 PPV endings. It's good WWE realizes it.
  3. Is it weird that I'm happy. I hope Cena beats ADR. And I hope Ricardo announces for Cena.
  4. Wouldn't it be interesting if Cena beats Del Rio, but is so smashed up that Sandow cashes in his MIB to defeate Cena?

  5. I doubt that would happen, it's more likely that ADR would win dirty and Sandow would cash in on an Injured ADR. They wouldn't put Sandow over Cena.
  6. Instead of bringing back Cena how bout they just have better writing. I hate that Cena is seemingly the end of all problems for WWE
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  7. Yeah, doing it as a surprise is fine but having it as the solution to bad booking sucks. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't go "well, we're going to have these two undecisive endings here in this PPVs, I'm sure everyone's gonna love that" and then after Battleground they went "What, they hated those finishes? Who would've thunk it! Bring back Cena", pretty stupid.
  8. It makes more since to cash in on Cena considering Cena is a babyface and a much, much, much bigger star than Del Rio. Not that a heel can't cash in on a fellow heel - Jack Swagger doing so on Chris Jericho in 2010 comes to mind - but which would have more of an impact and get people talking more? Sandow winning the championship from John Cena or Sandow winning the championship from Alberto Del Rio (a guy that seems to bore most people as champion anyway)?

    Cena has done his fair share of jobs over the years. Including a shocking loss in an Elimination Chamber match in just one minute and twenty-one seconds, which is pretty unheard of for a guy of his stature. So, I wouldn't find it too unlikely for him to be cashed in on by Sandow while in an incapacitated state (Del Rio will probably attack him after the match is over as well, making things just that much easier for Sandow.)

  9. The WWE should have The Big Show come out and knock someone silly at the end of each PPV<g.> First up, Steph McMahon..woohoo
  10. Cena should be out longer the show has been great without him
  11. But, At least we will have a nice ending in HIAC.

    Hope that cena would win and sandows win WHC by cashing his MITB in HIAC..
    This would begin a feud b/w Cena and Sandows which would hopefully help Sandows become a main eventer.
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