Backstage news on why WWE are so high on Cesaro

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Oct 3, 2012.

  2. So they only hired Del Rey because they want to please Cesaro? That's shit! Why not because they want to make the Divas Division better?
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  3. If they can solve the problem with his promo cutting being far from excellent they have something there. I managed to catch a short clip of him from a back to school episode of Saturday morning slam where he talked in some back to school segment. He seemed much more comfortable without the aggressive edge in his voice.
  4. If they're smart, they're gonna give him a banker gimmick and let him dominate SmackDown for a year or two, and then onto Raw... Claudio is such an amazing talent.
  5. Hopefully they'll do something with him. He gets no reaction whats so ever.
  6. 'Whatsoever' is one word buddy :pity:.
  7. Because they assume they'll make a lot of money with him. :hmm:
  8. Well I say it as I take breaks when saying it. So I took a break when typing it. :pity1:
  9. So, they did the silly, random, pointless Aksana breakup to bring Sara Del Rey straight to TV as his valet?
    That's shit, but in WWE backstage stuff is the only thing that matter anyway. (Keep forgetting that when we talk about mic skills and wrestling ability and stuff).

    Hannah: The Divas' finally have a storyline, they finally have an interesting character (Eve) and are building a sympathetic face (Kaitlyn), and nobody cares, the fans have been told for years it's nothing more than a piss break. WWE shouldn't even worry about the Divas' division since they've fucked it up beyond repair.

    Anyway, his character may be the worst on TV right now. I respect Claudio the talent, but if all he's going to do is be a rugby player that explain everything in 5 different languages and otherwise just has generic heel qualities... gtfo and fast. This is Russo-level retarded.
  10. Nice, really like the guy. Just the gimmick adjustment and training on mic skills. Stoked.
  11. Good news, he's a great talent, hope they don't fuck this up.
  12. Really talented worker, but if they believe he'll have a great future, I'm sure they'll work a lot more on his character, also let's hope he improves his mic work, which could happen, just needs practice and a character he can adapt to.
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