Hell in a Cell Backstage News On WWE Putting Ryback In The Main Event Of Hell In A Cell

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  2. Seems like Meltzer-level detective work, this figured to be the case with Cena being the main plan and Ryback as a backup. Smart stuff tbh, and hey, we're getting a new match with an unproven main eventer. Gotta love that.
  3. Hardcore reporting there -.-.
  4. This PPV is going to suck ass, I'm not going to even bother paying $0.00 to get it. :bury:
  5. If you lived in the U.K you wouldn't have to. :dawg:
  6. :haha: Dat Kid From UK. "All I do is sip tea and prance along like a flaming fairy. Oh I do love football and I'm not talking about the rough American version, I'm talking about the gay one. Toothbrush? What's That? Doctor Who & Queen Elizabeth ladedadedo"

    Yeah I'm going for cheap heat
  7. Unfortunately that doesn't qualify for heat. :pity:
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