Backstage news on WWE talent returning.

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  2. So much for pushing new talent. Just bring back retired ones until the bigger stars come back :yay: :dafuq:
  3. I don't get it?
  4. So, for example, if Alberto Del Rio is feuding with CM Punk during the build to Summerslam, and Rey Mysterio comes back, will Rey be stuck in Punk's spot immediately, with no TV explanation and nothing for Punk to do?
  5. This but Punk's not a top star. If you said DZ for example, then yes, that's basically what the report is saying.

    Maybe Vince will realise he needs to create some youth talent by actually having the old idiots like HHH letting someone go over them.
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  7. Well, whoever ADR is feuding with, we know Rey is going after him asap. If there's a Sheamful/Ziggler feud, Jericho or Orton can break that mess up too.

    As for Punk not being a top star, some of your backstage reports on PWMania (Thanks for showing us that, like Testify said) say that WWE Officials do see him as the #2 guy now, not just Orton.

    And what was with that last sentence? Were you mad about potentially upsetting the almighty MOTM, so you panicked and started talking about young talent and taking shots at HHH? Lol, look at Crayo over here begging for likes.
  8. I wouldn't like to see returning guys take the spots of those who were there immediately, I hope that just means that they'll be brought back to TV as soon as possible, but not stealing people's spots.
  9. Typo'd, meant to type he is a big star lmao. I should stop typing at a million miles an hour and actually read some of the stuff I post -.-.

    Everything else though is spot on, including the last paragraph :boss1: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. I hope Lita returns. It would be nice seeing her again.
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