Royal Rumble Backstage news on Wyatt/Cena, and Royal Rumble plans for Batista.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jan 1, 2014.

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  2. I'd rather see Batista fight Lesnar at Mania tbh.
  3. I don't buy that Cena/Wyatt was ever planned for the WWE Championship or as the main event. Them working a match in the undercard is easier to buy but I'm skeptical of that, too. It was mostly obvious from the get go that Orton would be walking into Wrestlemania as champion since that's when and where this entire Authority angle will culminate. (I also read that Meltzer never reported that this would happen either despite it being contributed to him... I think he said a match against Wyatt or a heel Sheamus - neither of which are/were planned as the main event - was merely the backup plan if Hogan couldn't pass medical tests since they want he and Cena to form a tag team against someone.)

    As for Batista/Orton, bring it on, whatever. Batista winning the WWE Championship again is enough to make me mark, plus I like the backstory that exists between them.
  4. Okay what? I'm sorry but you're saying they actually want this guy
    getting a wwe title shot at wrestlemania to Cena?! That seriously doesn't sound accurate I like Bray but I can't see the guy getting the belts. I can see Lesnar vs.Batista though
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