Backstage News on Zeb Colter

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Nice job Zeb. :zeb:
  2. Great wrestling mind, the architect of the golden age of the TNA Knockouts Division.
  3. A guy who writes his own promos and doesn't read shit given by creative has good promo shocker.
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  4. I thought he made his own shit.

    Oh well.
  5. He did. That's what the thread said.
  6. Then what about that Wayne guy?
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  7. That's his real name.
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  8. Lol, I'm an idiot. :facepalm1:
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  9. Lies, all his material comes from me, but he never listens. I'm constantly telling him to call Del Rio a wetback and he has yet to do so
  10. :neymar2: Aww is someone mad because Zebby is using my lines? Get use to it punk :mad2:
  11. Agreed. You'd think this would open up WWE's fucking eyes.
  12. I wonder if Heyman writes his own stuff and has creative influence in his storyline(s).
  13. I would be shocked if he didn't. Everything he says is pure Heyman. I think he, like Punk, Jericho and Rock, have earned the right to say what they want within reason.
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  14. Yeah, I think he does. I remember reading some report that Vince was approaching him for creative influence in a storyline regarding Punk, and that Heyman does have that right. It's obvious Punk's promos are his own; can you picture him taking a script seriously? Same goes for the names you mentioned.

    Though Cena obviously does cooperate with scripts most of the time, and that's weird, because he's a great mic worker who's at the top of the pile in terms of star power.
  15. Despite what the Rock called himself when he was a member of the Corporation, Cena is the real corporate champion. Can't blame him though, he's made more money then I'd see in 3 lifetimes.
  16. WOW Zeb is awesome, he is making Swagger interesting all over again with his segments and amazing promos.
  17. I think Zedd is awesome too!


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  18. Damn it Senhor, can't you just let it go? :mad2:

  19. ALPHA! Get me five teenagers with attitude!

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  20. The Zedd reference was too good to pass up.
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