Backstage news on Ziggler and world title

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 17, 2013.

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  1. I'm glad he won't be stripped, but really? They need to continue this lifeless feud with two stars who can't get over? Give Dolph Bryan for fuck sake. Bryan is one of the most over stars on the entire roster, and has nothing to do after losing to Shield. Ziggler/Bryan would be SO good.
  2. Everytime we hear theirs no heat with a Wrestler getting another Wrestler injured, their really is lol.As for the Ziggler thing, I would rather seen that Ladder Match earlier and by Summerslam, Ziggler getting some new meat to face him.
  3. I think Ziggler needs a better feud than with Swagger And Del Rio put him against Christian when he comes back or when Team Hell No ends put him against D Bryan :yay:
  4. What I like about Smackdown is seeing the new upcomers on the roster come up and get a chance, but D-Bry gettinga chance to face Ziggler for the belt, classic matches guranteed!
  5. There needs to be heat on Swagger. Learn to not kick people full force in the face you piece of trash.
  6. Hold on a second. Wasn't it just reported that Big E was facing Henry at Summerslam?

    Either A: One of these two dirtsheet reports is wrong. Certainly a possibility.
    B: Henry would turn face (no way WWE is THAT stupid... well, Ryback Rules).
    or C: Big E will have to turn on Ziggler while he has the belt, and surely get a title match at Payback or hopefully MITB which will certainly be badly booked (DZ gets run over for 10 minutes just to steal a win in the end), hurt Ziggler's momentum more before going up against these two jackoffs again as they continue their stale little feud...

    Great days to be a Ziggler fan I tell ya
  7. Glad they give him time..

    But really? This feud continues?

    Fuck sake give Swagger a suspension or something like that..

    And yeah, DB/Ziggler for the WHC sounds glorious..:yay:
  8. I don't really see how that works. Surely just have Swagger interfere in the title match on Monday night, then have the triple threat ladder match at Payback?
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  9. spoiler alert, fuck.
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