Backstage news on Ziggler & Flair?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 28, 2012.

  2. So Dolph wins the title and then gets Flair as his mouthpiece? I could see Ziggler turning on Flair later and Ric getting a World title shot. Again. :lol1:
  3. I call this fake as hell.
  4. Don't overuse the smilies aye.
  5. Yep, sure sounds fake.

    It would be gold tho if he dumped Vickie and had Flair as his manager
  6. It would be gold if WWE would wake the fuck up and realize DZ doesn't need any old shitheads as a manger, valet, mouthpiece or any of that BS. Unleash Ziggler already. The dude is the total package
  7. So much this. You wonder how WWE can watch his promos with the likes of Sheamus, and decide that he is the one needing the mouthpiece.

    Besides, if they are bringing Flair back it will be for GM, I'm almost certain of that.

  8. [​IMG]

  9. Even though I'd like to see Flair back it's clear that Ziggler doesn't need a mouthpiece.
  10. I agree but I think it will get Ziggler massively over..
  11. I'd be okay with this
  12. Same. I do think Dolph is overrated in his mic work at the moment, Flair is a perfect mouth-piece for him and opens up quite a few opportunities in terms of stories.
  13. He's pretty mediocre on the mic actually, it was awkward watching/hearing him call out Jericho
  14. I think Dolph can do OK on the mic and there are worse cases in WWE, but if it's short term I can live with it, and maybe it could benefit him (since it's Flair and all). Not sure I'd do it if I could choose it but it's not a big deal.
  15. Ziggler is already over and he isn't given shit to work with. Give him some decent feuds, mic time, and book him like he should be booked and he would be massively over without having to share the spotlight with anyone else unnecessarily
  16. Ziggler deserves his chance to sink or swim, here. He seems like he cares, which is something Randy lacks at this time
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  17. So much this.

    I really hope and think Ziggler will swim. He has the ability to do so imo.
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  18. Ziggler & Flair? Why is he constantly being teamed up with senor citizens
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