Backstage news on Ziggler

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Putting this in the Smackdown section because it is relevant to the WHC.

    Source PWmania
  2. Well why wouldn't you work with DZ? He shows off, hence making matches with anybody enjoyable. He could be in a triple threat with Big Show and Khali and make it look better than like Rey Mysterio VS Sheamus.
  3. I want to work with him also :obama:
  4. ziggler is the best! (apart from Ambrose)
  5. Putting two and two together imo.
  6. Dirtsheet reporters are such lucky bastards. Mbn to get paid to point out the obvious all the time
  7. They don't really get paid by anyone, apart from advertisements. You have to get pretty big and noticed to get real good adsense money to live off.
  8. Really? I've always assumed the different dirt sheets just hired a few guys to write for them. Is that not how it works? All dirt sheets are just run by one guy out of his basement or something?
  9. Once you're big enough you can expand to employ article writers I suppose, it depends. But the income the owner gets is all advertisements. Whether he makes enough to pay his "sources" or article writers I don't know. Most of them is literally just one guy writing articles, they get posted on all forums, that = backlinks which = traffic. Traffic = more adsense money and then the cycle repeats.
  10. Man, that's even more pathetic than I imagined it being. My respect for dirt sheets just went from 1 to -1
  11. Very nice, I want Ziggler to be well built and have a lengthy WHC reign.
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