Backstage news/plans for Ziggler/AJ/Cena story.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. :eww:
  2. Oh joy. Well, the earlier they do that the earlier this stupid storyline ends so great.
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  3. Get Tamina in there instead of Vickie and then split it into Dolph vs Cena and AJ vs Tamina w/ Vickie afterwards
  4. This would be good. AJ gets back in the ring where she belongs and we have Dolph feuding with Cena without this stupid romance angle hovering over them.
  5. YUK
    When will this stupid storyline finally end?
  6. I like the Cena/Ziggler storyline, I just don't want a mixed tag-team match, keep it between those two.
  7. Yuk I don't like mixed tag matches or this current storyline with A.J /Cena and Dolph/ Vickie . The whole story seems pointless I like the idea of A.J vs Tamina and Dolph vs Cena but not in a mixed tag match
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  8. Yep. I'm the only one enjoying this.
  9. If Ziggler comes out of this with a victory, then it will hands down be my favourite storyline of 2012.
  10. I'd enjoy AJ more if she actually went in the ring.

    They're really trying to get more females into watching WWE with this whole plot and I'm sorry Hannah but it's just so dumb.

    Vickie has no reason running her mouth about having inappropriate affairs with superstars when her and Dolph use to be an item. It makes absolute no sense.

    And there's just like... no depth to AJ/Cena. I can't feel it. I'd be into it more if their relationship had more risk.

    I like AJ, just not with Cena currently.
  11. I do enjoy AJ wrestling, and the biggest reason I liked her is because she can wrestle.

    But since it's #WWELogic, let's not get our hopes up to expect WWE to use her right. Face it, with everything that's happening in the program right now, AJ is stuck in that angle for a long time.

    I agree there was no basis. There was no reason, if it's true, to make it "scandalous".

    Might as well enjoy it like a fangirl.
  12. Eh, yolo. :dawg:
  13. :cornette:

    Guess so. :emoji_wink:) Pessimistic!Hannah will try to suppress her tendencies to be pessimistic. :emoji_grinning:
  14. With the Vickie thing, I understand why WWE have such hypocrites in wrestling but I think they sometimes insult fan intelligence when it's like this. Why would Vickie care about AJ/Cena at all? It's just bothersome.
  15. I'm happy. I like Tamina.

    Lots of power and all, good family name. IIRC she improved since debuting.
  16. I would rather this not happen. Just have a one on one match with Dolph/Cena
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