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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. Both sound horrible. Fuck Big Show being anywhere near this story.
  2. Neither sounds good indeed, but since we're doomed to having Big Show at this position, well, not much to do here. I was already expecting another dirty finish so whatever.
  3. Too much Big Show on TV to not have him involved in this match. DB won dirty last time, Orton will win due to Show this time, then the feud will end at HIAC.
  4. Big Show helping Bryan is fine storytelling, but it's too early to have Bryan win without stripping him of the belt again. That's worse.

    May as well use Big Show to give Orton a tainted victory. Not an actual heel turn, just more "Big Show working against his own judgment" crap. It's not like anyone is buying this PPV anyway.
  5. As long as we get a new Champion tonight, It doesn't matter to me what the finish is... I have a feeling the WWE Title will still be in abeyance after tonight.
  6. Just give Daniel the title he deserves it
  7. Big Show getting involved in some capacity was obvious. I think it's the best way to end the match, whether it be to get the strap on Bryan in a way that infuriates HHH (Big Show restrains himself from knocking HHH out but gets at him another way) or to get it back on Orton in a screwy fashion. Which ending they go with might largely depend on who is walking out of HIAC as the reigning champion.

    And I agree that Big Show costing Bryan the match doesn't mean an official heel turn, just the furthering of Big Show being coerced to commit unpleasant actions for HHH/Steph while under much duress.
  8. Big Show helping D-Bry win tonight wouldn't make sense. I don't like either situation.
  9. I thought the ending was pretty cool. Just don't like how the crowd sucked the entire night. DB and Orton had a good match, and i'm happy to see it continue at Hell in the Cell.
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  10. 3 ppv in a row?

    Come off it.
  11. What else do you have it mind ?
  12. Yeah, god forbid! A real feud might break out. We must have one and done feuds, look how well it's worked out!

  13. Anything but that??

    Big show vs Triple H in a career or stay match.

    I'm bored of Bryan vs Orton now. What is it achieving?

    Time to move someone else forward. I'd prefer Cody feuding with Orton for the treatment he received.
  14. Then blame the booking. There's nothing wrong with having the same guys in a match 3 straight PPVs to build a proper feud.
  15. It is when it is a shit feud that is going nowhere.

    Orton was completely the wrong bloke to choose IMO.
  16. Their mistakes weren't made at the Battleground PPV, they wrote themselves into a corner by having this match at all. As soon as it was announced everybody knew Big Show was going to have a pretty big involvement in the match/finish.

    First off, they never should have vacated the title. Daniel Bryan's victory in the next few months would have so much more impact if Randy's held the title for months. As soon as the fast count occurred at NoC, they should have had Trips come out and strip D-Bry of the title. This title vacating crap just looks silly and, frankly, doesn't really need to happen.

    Then the match itself. As I said at the top, the entire thing comes across as a bit lazy to me. Why not give the Orton/Bryan feud a break for the PPV? Why not have a story with Triple H forcing Bryan to face someone else at the PPV in order to get his title shot at HiaC? Orton and Bryan have competed several times in the last few months - this was the perfect opportunity to have a break in order to freshen it up.

    As for the Big Show story, it's actually a half decent story. My only issue with it is the fact it involves him at all. Why not Ziggler? Just because he can't act as well as Show won't have that big an effect on the story. Plus, it's ten times more believable having an up and comer being worried about being fired, rather than a guy who supposedly has an iron-clad contract and has been in the business for decades (they've obviously covered that up with the bad investments, but still, meh), panicking about getting fired.

    Ahh well, I guess I wasn't angry, but I was still disappointed they had to go through with such a crap finish. I was especially disappointed by how terribly they delivered it.
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