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  2. Won't hurt anyone's feelings I don't think.
  3. Oh yeah. You know, something that always annoyed me with Rock's current run is that he only put over Cena (the guy who didn't need a rub) and I should be mad that he left right after he was done with him, but at this point I'm just happy he's not coming back. If he was going to work WM XXX he was probably just going to beat Lesnar anyway, so yeah, yay.
  4. yay, now someone like Dolph Ziggler or DB has the chance to have a big match.

    I till think the main event will be Cena/Taker though.

  5. Agreed, and I don't think the IWC could argue with that because it's the face of WWE for the last decade vs the streak at WM.

    That doesn't mean that Bryan or Ziggler can't be involved in a big WWE title match.
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  6. So now the question is, who will face Brock at WMXXX?
    We now have Taker/Cena and I think the ME will be the WWE title match between Punk and Bryan, where does that exactly leaves Brock Lesnar?
  7. Punk vs Brock and Orton vs Bryan seems likely.
  8. I don't know why people act as if this makes Cena/Undertaker any more plausible. Undertaker has said in interviews that Brock Lesnar is the one opponent he'd love more than any other to face at Wrestlemania at this point, so with Lesnar apparently freed up from facing The Rock (at the moment, don't get too optimistic just yet, it's still several months till Wrestlemania), that could just mean he's facing The Dead Man. I can think of several different possibilities for all the main players (Cena, Bryan, Orton, HHH, Lesnar, Taker, Punk) going forward into the event, though.

    I'm really glad as hell Rock could be missing next year's event, though. I'm a Rock mark, but his return hasn't been quite as good as I had hoped and I'm already tired of him. We've had Rock either heavily involved in the build or wrestling in the match itself for the last three years and I'm ready to see something different for a change.
  9. Good to hear. His main event involvement at the past WrestleManias and other huge PPVs have barely been bearable as he is not the same as he was in 2003 and it showed on the mic and in the ring.
  10. No Rock thank the heavens for that one. Imo dont come back stop tarnishing your legacy.

    Next Taker if he faces Cena wow biggest borefest in the world right there what is it like three offensive moves each by this point?

    This WM is where Taker retires undefeated or gives someone a rub.

    Personally apart from SCSA part timers should stay out my WWE.
  11. I'm personally glad Rock isnt coming back, or so it'd seem. With Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Punk, the Shield, Randy Orton, and the Wyatts all being pushed, I think WWE could be set to have a great 2014 solely relying on its current developed talent as opposed to trying to bring back part time nostalgia talent.
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  12. I think you will find that stone cold will probably end up coming back to fight cm punk at this mania which imo is good.
  13. Looks like Dwayne has broke his word remember when he said hes back and is never leaving again yeah that is bullshit just fuck off Dwayne and stay in Hollywood and clearly you dont love WWE or wrestling anymore
  14. Looks like Dwayne has broke his word remember when he said hes back and is never leaving again yeah that is bullshit just fuck off Dwayne and stay in Hollywood and clearly you dont love WWE or wrestling anymore
  15. Agreed he should be dedicated like that Lesnar guy.
  16. God knows Brock is always there....around 3 times a year.
  17. Brock has been there done that and he doesnt like the heavy travel schedule thats why he left in 2004. He now has a wife and 3 kids so he wants to be home. Obviously he became a bigger star from his time in UFC so WWE have done good business with him by getting him back and coming to an agreement on a schedule he can do. Where as Dwayne is a liar he came back in 2011 saying how much he loves WWE and gave his word he wouldnt leave again but look whats happened 2013 what his last appearance and he wont even be around next year for Wrestlemania 30 hes sold out once again for Hollywood. That just shows Dwayne doesnt love WWE he loves his movie career. At least WWE knows where they stand with Brock
  18. Brock has kids? awww brock no like flying? poor guy.

    Brock sold out for football, Brock sold out for UFC.

    Rock explained very well why he cut ties with WWE when he first started in movies, He has a kid too you know? How do you not know he wants to be home with his partner? He said he will never leave, How do you know he has left for good? He still has the same passion for wrestling that Brock doesnt and never has had. Rock can still make non wrestling appearances.
  19. I was a huge, HUGE fan of The Rock during the Attitude Era and also his return as "Hollywood" Rock. Tremendous character and he always put on fun matches.

    Having said that, The Rock in 2013 is stale to me. His initial return to Raw was electrifying. The build to the 1st match with Cena was electrifying. But everything since that has been overkill and has been mediocre at best. The Rock finally came back after what, 7 years? He beat Cena. He won the WWE Title one last time. He "passed the torch" to Cena.

    What else is there left for him to do?

    Sure, he will draw, he's an international star. If money is the motive, the WWE bringing him back as much as possible is the smartest move. But just speaking as a fan of The Rock and a fan of WWE in general, I wouldn't mind him sitting out WM 30.

  20. He doesn't love WWE?

    The Rock wrestled full-time for 9 years. He's not entitled to do other things with his life?