WrestleMania Backstage news regarding Taker's streak, and WWE status

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2013.

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  2. If Cena gets it he MUST not end the streak.
  3. Ryback? Yawn, whatever. I don't want Undertaker fighting a second tier star at Wrestlemania two years in a row. At least Punk just came off a 434 day title reign and two consecutive matches with The Rock. Who knows how Ryback's career will have progressed by next year, but I'm hoping Undertaker calls it a career come Wrestlemania XXX. Surely they're not trying to drag this out to 25-0.

    I'm glad to hear Undertaker is wrestling at Summerslam though, hopefully against Ambrose.
  4. I'm convinced that Cena is a IWC heel. Can you imagine the rage on the IWC if Cena actually breaks the streak? I'll just be down right amazing :yay:
  5. Ryback? Could beat Taker's match at Mania 22 with Henry (casket match) for the most boring match of his streak..
  6. I swear that If ryback ends the streak i stop watching
  7. :pity:
  8. Well, Taker wrestling at SS could be interesting since it'll probably be an actual storyline and not "well he's gotta wrestle at WM who's the most credible, let's randomly put them together" and stuff like that. As for WM 30 I do expect him to face Cena.
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