Backstage news - Sting to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Dec 10, 2012.

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  2. Where does this report originate? Is it Meltzer or another dirt sheet?

    But yeah the lawsuit would most likely freeze any negotiations. I don't doubt it would be a dream for H to be able to say "I brought Sting to WWE"
  3. It's crazy to think that Sting wouldn't go to WWE after the WCW collapse because it was too raunchy for his Christian values. Now that WWE is PG, and TNA is the racier company, maybe he might consider a switch? One can only hope. He is by far the biggest name never to step foot in a WWE ring.
  4. I might have cared if this was a few years back, but honestly don't give a shit if he goes to WWE or not.
    Doesn't really makes sense for him to go to WWE anyways, he'll just end up jobbing to Taker, and he's way past his prime so it's not like he'll be the top dog.
  5. It would still be cool for the lights to go out, and hear the old WCW Crow Sting theme.
  6. He has to face Taker seriously.
  7. I guess it'd be nice to see Sting wrestle once for the WWE.
  8. If this is True?! AND THAT A BIG IF! Then this next WM29 HAS TO BE UNDERTAKER VS. STING! As much as I would love to see Brock vs. Taker and even Punk vs. Taker though I don't think this match will with or without Sting signing?! As I do fell plan is Taker to vs. Brock next year until if Taker "pich" was to have someone else? Hay maybe he the one who pich for Sting who know?! But if Sting does argee to the WWE HOF right after he got into the TNA HOF it will be a sign to see after the lawsuit and all! But I telling right now Sting will only argee if he get 1 match with Undertaker at WM29 as he even said him self in a inveiw the only guy left I want to face is Undertaker NO ONE ELSE! Either Sting vs. Undertaker at WM29 or there will be no match with Sting in WWE!
  9. I'd rather not, it's part of his legacy imo no one else can say he made it without Vince.. Not his all legacy but still a part of it.
  10. Yes he did make it without Vince. However, don't you think he'd like to have his Wrestlemania moment like all the other greats in history? It's the perfect end to a career, the story line is already written. The one guy Taker hasn't beaten, on the grandest stage.
  11. Re: RE: Backstage news - Sting to WWE?

    He can like to sure but that isn't the point I was making, I don't want to see him do it. Did Arn Anderson have a huge WM moment also ? How about Lou Thesz? Kobashi or Misawa? Not all the greats have had them and I can't really see the reason for Sting to and even if he does he's one in a pile of other great moments, yet if he doesn't he's still the one guy who was never seduced by Vince's machine that to me aids his legacy more than a clash with Taker which will be a shadow of the match it would have been 10 years ago imo.
  12. Basically everything deth just said was on point. Sting is old and i don't think i want to see him in a WWE ring. I never watched WCW like that, so there's no nostalgia for me, just an old man.
  13. This would have been cool when the companies were bought by vince. Mr WWF vs Mr. WCW. Now it's meh
  14. Would prefer if he didn't. He doesn't need to go to WWE, he is great on his own. IF anything WWE would benefit more from this. Sting is also past his time, we don't really need another part timer jobbing to Undertaker, and it would be an insult to bring him in the WWE just to lose.
  15. The Undertaker vs Sting has always been a dream match for me since I was a kid in the 90's. I think it would of been better back then.
  16. Crayo what was you soure? What web site did you get this info from?
  17. SEScoops reported it, I think the actual source is Meltzer though.
  18. I been on sescoops and I have yet to see it on that web site.
  20. So basically, TNA filing a silly little lawsuit that they have no hope of winning against WWE is what prevents Sting from coming to WWE and having a match with Taker?

    I still somewhat agree with those who are indifferent to whether Sting comes or not at this point, but I'd love to see Sting go to WWE just to see what kind of spin they'd put on the Sting gimmick - what kind of theme they'd give him, etc. Even if it was just to come to fight Taker, and then retire. If Sting showed up and announced he was retiring (he's in his fifties after all) but he was going out with a bang, by having his one and only Wrestlemania moment by challenging the Undertaker for his streak (and then losing and retiring, and being inducted into the HOF the night before), then that would be great. After that, he could still remain on the show in a GM type of role, like he's done in TNA before.
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