Backstage Note On Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lacky, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. If she's busy raising her children does that mean we'll see a change in creative direction?

    Also Triple H is either a very determined and hard worker or hates spending time with his family. :haha:
  2. It's good to see at least one of them is spending time with the children. And if HHH is going to be Vince's replacement, he should get used to being in every taping anyway.
  3. Triple H would stay home and take care of the kids, but the last time that happened Stephanie found him in the backyard trying to bury them
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  4. "We were playing house and I didn't get to be the daddy" :bury:
  5. She's prolly shaggin her neighbour
  6. Haha, I lol'd.
  7. Lmao :win:
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