News Backstage Notes About A Possible Wyatt Family/Shield Reunion

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 8, 2015.

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    Talk about ass-backwards lol. The Wyatt Family should have never broke up to begin with (don't know I'd feel about Bo Dallas being added to the group either), nor should they even be seriously considering a Shield reunion yet at this point. They really don't know how to let things breathe, do they? Seeing the band back together doesn't feel as big of a deal when they've barely even been apart for more than a year.

    Can't recall the last time WrestleChat reported anything worthwhile or trustworthy, so maybe it's just an unreliable piece of information on their part, but the Wyatt Family reunion being nixed has at least been reported by other more credible dirtsheets before, so there's likely some truth to that one. Harper and Rowan's reunion was even a possible telling sign of things to come.
  2. No Shield reunion, thanks. It was great whilst it lasted but I'd rather not watch creative turn the three of them into garbage.
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  3. The Shield reunion wouldn't make a whole lotta sense. So, nope.

    As far as The Wyatt Family reunion goes... Yes, please. As far as adding Bo there goes, no, thank you.
  4. The Wyatts never should have broken up. Was pretty obvious Harper and Rowan were destined for dick after and Bray hasn't gotten anything without them either.
  5. Shield reunion would be a huge step backwards for them all. No need for it to happen at all. The Wyatt reunion I would be okay with, but I kinda just want to see Rowan/Harper together by themselves. Adding Bo Dallas sounds very random, just because he's Bray's brother in real life, doesn't mean he'll fit lol.
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  6. I'm all for the wyattts coming back, I mean they're already teaming Harper and Rowan again. Bray leading them would be fine again. They've fucked up bray so bad I don't see why they don't do this. Lol.

    Bo Dallas can fuck off.

    Shield reunion should maybe happen next year. For like one match.
  7. Who the fuck wants to see the shield reunite? People seem to want this reunion to tank. Save it for when it matters.
  8. I agree with everyone else.
    It's obvious that each Shield member, at some point, will be headlining PPV's if even for a short time.
    The Wyatt's, from day one, were always purposed to introducing Bray Wyatt as a lead character (hence why they are referred to as 'The Wyatt Family')
    The more important the event, the less you saturate it incessantly.
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