Backstage Picture Of WWE Superstars Rehearsing For TLC At RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. [size=x-large]The photo below was taken backstage prior to Monday’s WWE RAW from Tampa, Florida. The leaked picture shows a feed that aired on the arena television sets showing Ryback and members of the Shield rehearsing for the TLC match that took place on RAW between Ryback and CM Punk.

    CM Punk can be seen sitting in the bottom left corner of the ring, with Big Show in the bottom right corner, Triple H and Ricky Steamboat as well as several WWE divas outside the ring.

    The image shows Ryback, Rollins and Ambrose rehearsing the spot that took place on RAW, where Ryback was climbing the ladder, the lights went out and all of a sudden he was battling Rollins and Ambrose on the ladder.


  2. Moved to RAW.
  3. It was on WWE Superstar though?! WTF!?
  4. Because it is a rehearsal picture for this week's episode of RAW. What banner is hanging around the ring when the wrestlers are rehearsing is irrelevant. This wasn't shown on Superstars.
  5. U not see the Superstar BANNER!?
  6. Still irrelevant. Why would they hang up the RAW banner for a rehearsal approximately 5 hours before they shot the show if Superstars is still going to be shot first? It is only logical to set up for Superstars before rehearsals, rehearse with that set up and then after the Superstars shooting change the banner to the RAW one. This was rehearsals for a RAW match which took place on RAW featuring RAW talent. Not Superstars.
  7. Eve looks hot in the right hand corner, the things I'd do. :otunga:
  8. Is that Mason Ryan in the back? :regal:
  9. It's still real to me. DAMMIT.
  10. Lol keyfabe lives on :pity:

    Seriously though this is mint photo getting to see them rehearse the match and I guess this really exposes the business that wrestling is fake. I bet Vince is pissed off this photo has leaked I wonder who leaked it??? maybe someone snuck in the arena in disguise as an arena worker
  11. Do you know what kayfabe is?
  12. [​IMG]

    The legend continues.
  13. Its cool to see different talent hanging around the ring
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