News Backstage plans for Vince/HHH feud

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 8, 2013.

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  2. I still find this to be completely asinine. Let's take the biggest heel of the AE and put him up against one of the two most popular wrestlers in history!!

    Oh, only... errr... how do I go about bringing this up... HHH will be the face and we are going to have Austin in his one last big blow off match work as a heel! It will go over swell, right guys? Guys?? GUYz?!
  3. Triple H as heel would mean Steph in a heel role as well, that would be just awful imo so I wouldn't even bother watching WWE...
  4. You weren't a fan of the McMahon/Helmsley era?
  5. I liked it, but there's no more DX and this ridiculous family battle won't be as good as the McMahon/Helmsley era. This one would be just like another stupid feud between a "broken" family that will be more boring than the Ryback/Cena feud.
  6. HHH being a face against Rock or Austin seems ridiculous (as I suppose HHH would be the face since Vince is being more of a heel and it only makes sense for it to happen), although seeing HHH pinning Rock at WM would be swell for me as a mark. Still wouldn't do it though
  7. If you bring somebody back, that guy's gotta be the face. But Vince has to be the heel.

    I think it's more likely that we see Vince bring one of the guys already there into the fold: maybe Fandango (Vince is said to be a big fan of his) or Mark Henry (although he's kinda undergone a face turn) or Randy Orton (back to the "Anybody but Cena or Bryan as WWE Champion" line of thought). Meanwhile, I don't see HHH getting back in the ring again. But you could set him up with a "champion" (I honestly would see him picking Bryan, of whom he's said to be a tremendous fan).

  8. Oh yeah thats smart! Stephanie McMahon is a heel when we see her like once a show so fuck WWE why watch that bullshit BROTHER! Stephanie is a better heel than face, They were brilliant in the McMahon/Helmsley Reign.


    Austin should be pitted against Punk. It makes more sense and would most likely be a better match.
  9. The McMahon/Helmsley era was good, but that's the past. In my opinion it won't be a good feud and I don't want to watch a show that will build up that feud. I may watch the shows, but I will turn off the tv and come back 20 minutes later when that stuff isn't showed.
  10. I do the same when TNA comes on TV. Turn it off and come back later.
  11. I do the same Snorlax does in your signature when Super Bob Van Dam comes on TV.
  12. I knew Austin/HHH wasn't happening. There's no way Austin agrees to come back for one final match where the attention is less about him and more about the McMahon family drama. I also fail to see why Austin would return to defend the guy who was his enemy all those years ago. And of course if Austin returned to defend Vince, McMahon would have to play the face and HHH the heel but that seems to be completely ass backwards of what the angle should be about (which is Vince transitioning power over to HHH and HHH should be the face that we all get behind in that scenario.)
  13. Wait... WWE was wanting to put 2 antiques from the Attitude Era in a match against each other, and then thought better of it?


    Some faith in creative has been restored!
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  14. I'd rather have a 2 hour PPV dedicated to Tamina's left nipple then watch a jacked up Pinocchio up against Steve "Chemotherapy" Austin.
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  15. Lol "no idea why it was nixed"? because it's a shit idea, that's why. There's so many problems with that feud.
  16. Fuck having Austin at any WrestleMania in the future. The guy can hardly walk straight let alone headline the year's biggest Pay Per View.
  17. HHH as the heel? Dafuq??????????
  18. Austin with Vince? OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:
  19. What happened to shane why doesn't he get a bit of the company anymore?
  20. He's working with his own projects these days, I think something in China.
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