Backstage reaction to AJ's promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Damn. Kinda wanted it to be unplanned and for all the divas to be pissed lol
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  2. Really want it to be Natty, but hate knowing whoever faces AJ will lose. It will be Natty. Sad face.
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  3. Should have been given a standing applause from everyone backstage, like the way Brock/Punk were after their Summerslam match.
  4. Your sig is far too big dude

  5. On topic please.

    I would rather a Natalya/AJ feud started in a different way. When I think of Total Divas I think of crap like Eva Maria and the Funkadactyls, not a genuinely decent talent who's main downfall has been being given god awful gimmicks from the 'E.
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  6. It was an awesome promo (and for me AJ came off as a face, but probably it's just because I agree with her mostly) but I suppose if you can start a good feud between AJ and, say, Natalya for the belt that will get some spotlight, alright.
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  7. I'm worried about that as well but since they're selling AJ as a heel still, I will assume the AJ/Natalya feud will go on for quite a bit and I'm hoping by the end of it Nattie comes out with the belt.

    I will rage quit absolutely everything if AJ's feuding with The Bella's.
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  8. I want AJ to face the Bellas tbh. Her destroying them on the mic weekly could mean more Divas' stuff that genuinely entertains me.
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  9. Point taken but whatever Bella's do in retaliation to AJ will be more than likely cringeworthy for me. I mean, they totally no-sold AJ's pipebomb by fucking square-dancing with Slutty Marie after.
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  10. Rewatched this promo was great. Love that they destroyed the division hopefully to rebuild it with AJ and Nattie spearheading the revolution.

    Best thing to come out of this Total Divas garbage would be Nattie getting some screen time.
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  11. Really want to take the belt off AJ? TD Champ = More TD on RAW. No thanks
  12. Let's hope it will be the end of that shit when Nattie is finally champ :urm:
  13. If ya smell TD season 2. I seriously hate that the divas division has become TD. Thats why I liked so much AJ'S promo. Kaitlyn should cut a promo as well.

    Its weird to see Layla, AJ and Kaitlyn out of TD. Not sure if its because they had a storyline or just because they didnt want to take part of a shitty reality show
  14. inb4 a Bella or Eva Marie.
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