Backstage reaction to Bryan vs Ryback match

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Daniel Bryan carrying someone to a good match? :bitw:
    INB4 WWE says Ryback carried Bryan.

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  2. Well Bryan is the best wrestler in the company so he can do wonders with anyone. Still he is going to get shit all for it.
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  3. Not surprised, Bryan can put on a great match with just about anyone. But yeah I bet Ryback will get all of Vince's praise.:pity1:
  4. Might be a reason to actually watch Smackdown, if I can just remember it's on unlike most weeks.
  5. Not a surprise and it's good for Daniel Bryan. Despite who gets the praises, it's always a great idea to put people who can't wrestle that "great" against Daniel Bryan since he can make even a deep fried tomato look good.
  6. Whilst I'm not surprised, this can only be good for Daniel Bryan. The guy is the best in the world, and he's proving it if he has carried Ryback to a good match. Bryan can literally wrestle with anyone, and that is such a good asset to have.
  7. Bryan especially works well with guys who are bigger than him. He is great with other guys his size as well but he is so versatile that he can work a good match out of much bigger and slower guys. I remember him getting a good match out of Khali once during his WHC run.
  8. Damn I gotta check this match out
  9. It was perfectly structured more so than a good performance from either guy, who ever built the pacing (most likely Bryan) deserves praise of the highest order.
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