Backstage reaction to Lesnar's WWE return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Wow, fuck every whore talent in that locker room that has these stupid reactions, fuck them in the ass and I hope neither one of them gets one minute of being out there in the ring.
  2. OH he we go again CRY ME A RIVER!
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  3. Seriously if I was a WWE Superstar I would've been glad. I mean take advantage of that you noobs you get to be near the Rock! And especially Brock Lesnar! If Brock Lesnar didn't consider me an ass coming up to him when he was backstage, then I would talk to him and try learning from him.
  4. Cool thing to have someone like him back, but I can understand them. Again lowering the chance to have matches in WWE.
  5. I don't understand them at all. I'm sorry but it's business. Either be a star yourself or quit moaning.
  6. Also agreed, gotta live with the business decisions.
  7. Brock broke his promise, he broke his original contract with WWE. He left them high and dry when they needed him. After that he quit football, wrestling and he just quit MMA. They invited him back and gave him a very reduced schedule he didn't deserve.

    Put yourself in their shoes. The Rock finished his contract and Brock didn't. U guys give him a hero's welcome and for what? He doesn't care about U or the fans. Those backstage know him personally and don't care 4 him.

    Imagine if Seabs left and joined another forum. Suppose, he joined then he quit them and came back here. Imagine if Crayo gave him his spot back with perks too. On top of that Seabs had a history of being a jerk to new members.

    Itz picture guys. I'll get off my soapbox. By the way, John landed really badly on the bump he took. Thank U Brock
  8. Brock doesn't owe us anything, it's a job. You can quit your job any time you want. He doesn't have to like us. John Laurinaitis is an absolute prick backstage apparently, he's not a "nice guy", but will I hate him? Hell no, he's god damn entertaining. Same goes for Brock. He didn't quit MMA because he wanted to, he quit because he had a disease for one thing that directly affected his performances. He quit football because he simply couldn't do it, he went for his dreams, hats off to him. He was good enough to get over with the fans, he was good enough to become a draw, well done for him.

    Once these complainers get good enough, and make use of their position, and become the draws and entertainers these ex-superstars were, they can do the same if they wish.
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  9. I can see there point but sames as in any job and it is a job. He left the WWE wanted him back they wanted him back that bad they would've done virtually anything it happens in life all the time I've seen it many a time.

    As for the fans we don't mind as it means we have Brock back for a time which is a big thing for a lot of us.

    I can see why ppl may be frustrated but they shouldn't be voicing these opinions in public as it makes them sound really whiny and the best way for them too deal with it is to get out there and prove that they can be as big as Brock and and integral part of the WWE. Then they would get the same opportunities as he had.
  10. What? Is Johnnyboy a prick backstage? Have I missed something?
  11. WIthout fans, Brock Lesnar has no job. Fans buy the PPV's. If U listen to those HOF speeches they all emphasized how important it was to entertain the fans. U can quit your job but that doesn't make him an honorable person.

    The wrestlers hate Brock for the same reason, the marines hate Randy. I think the only reason he made money in UFC was becuz he became famous in WWE first. WIthout WWE fans, the UFC fans would have no idea who Brock even was

    Geez, I thought you'd understand better Crayo
  12. His payback to the fans is his entertainment... he doesn't owe us a lifetime career in WWE because we helped make him a star. He made himself a star by getting us to like him, I don't see how it's hard to understand. "Without the fans, Brock Lesnar has no job", you're right. But without Brock, we have a stale product which isn't entertaining. That's his payback.

    I doubt the wrestlers hate Brock, they apparently hate him being in the main event. If you're Vince McMahon and you have Brock Lesnar, one of the all time greats wanting to come back, will you say "No Brock, I don't want to have an extra 200,000 buys on the next PPV because superstars will be upset.", or will you say "Please come back, I want you to make me millions of dollars". The fact is, he's good for business. JR, Foley, Rock, Edge, HBK, HHH have all said the same, it's stupid that the wrestlers are hating on him, of course they'd be jealous but if they were good enough they'd be in that spot where Cena is.

    Am I happy that WWE is in a state where former stars are ridiculously more over than current stars apart from Cena? Of course I'm not. If I had it my way, they'd be returning to a roster with new versions of Rock, new versions of Brock, new versions of Austins. But we don't, we have one superstar, and that's Cena., He's our Rock, he's our Austin. Why were those named above so famous? They had skill, but not only that, they went up against legends and won. They feuded with the best of the best, and won. I love the old guys coming back if they put over the new talent. You saw how pissed off I was that Rock went over Cena cleanly, that's not how it should go down. But because of the whoring Cena had, Orton had and HHH had, we have no other talent now who's credible enough to push WWE forward. We have exceptional stars in Miz, Ziggler, Rhodes etc, but if they're not going over big stars they'll stay where they are right now.
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  13. Who R u and what have u done with Crayo?
  14. What have I said wrong there? If you told me one month ago Brock Lesnar is returning and the superstars are crying about it, I'd say the same thing. I understand their frustration, Vince is a moron. Tag-team champions don't appear on shows, mid-card titles are never defended, it's hard to take advantage of little opportunities, but that doesn't give them the right to bitch at guys who are HELPING the company.
  15. You are absolutely fucking right, it also pissed me off that Cena didn't win even though I wanted Rock to win because I love him, the new talents needs the win over these big stars or they're never going to be anything like them nor will they be remembered like how Brock and the other legends are remembered, they need big wins, it is the right time to do so and all it takes is for Vince to use his mind right.
  16. brock lesnar is back, lord tensai aka a-train is back, the rock may come back full time and john cena is going to turn heel according to what he said on the last raw episode (you know what i'm talking about if you've seen it). i'm starting to think that team johnny winning wasn't that bad, if it was for teddy long all of this would have never happened, or at least that's what i think.
  17. Not sure on the Johnny part but I definitely think there is a big chance Brock is being used for Cena's heel turn.
  18. Totally agree with Crayo but as I said I do get why they would be annoyed but as I also said they shouldn't be voicing these concerns they should be if anything working and trying harder so they can become the next big thing like the returning stars of Brock and Rock.
  19. A Cena heel turn would be a moment to remember, it's impossible, I can't just think of it as that, he's a damn "hero" and kids love him to death.
  20. Hulk Hogan.
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