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  1. Fail, they wanted to break the Kane vs. Chavo record.

    Really sad, Bryan did not deserve this.
  2. :upset::upset::upset:

    Really unfair for Bryan/Sheamus. If they wanted to break the record badly, go with Santino/Primo or something.
  3. What a stupid idea ruined the whole fucking ppv!
  4. I agree! They totally squashed the match!
  5. I'm glad dbry lost
  6. I wouldn't go that far. It wasn't the most anticipated match by any means.
  7. That's really stupid to break a record nobody gives a damn about than to have a classic match with the best in the world.
  8. Wwe is probably lieng they dient know how much people liked dbry so when he lost they raged lol but thegreatwhite ftw #winning
  9. To be honest, it will probably allow a rematch at extreme rules and a more lengthy feud that they need, although I'm not happy the booking, its not the end of the world, and the rest of the ppv more then made up for it.
  10. I'm glad Sheamus is champ.
  11. Tbh thegreatwhite may hve a love segment with aj
  12. I am fine with Sheamus winning, but the way they did it was atrocious and killed the crowd for most the show.
  13. Well, it didn't kill the crowd, it just made them chant "YES" and "Daniel Bryan" through every match.
  14. I loved the yes chants crayo
  15. Why not do it with Show-Cody instead? Just have Big Show lay him out with a knockout punch when the bell rings (or maybe before it.) That's more forgivable since nobody is really gonna buy that Rhodes would beat Big Show anyway...
  16. WTF!!!!!!??????? Bryan is a great wrestler why give this push if you were just going to just FUCKIN BURY HIM????????!!!!!!!!!! WTF WWE!!!!!!!!??????
  17. WWE dropped the ball again. Those competitors deserved better than that. So did the audience. On second thought, after Bryan saying he wasn't going to cash in MITB, doing it early then turning into a colossal douche, maybe he got what he deserved. Love that Sheamus is champion and loved seeing AJ doing Bryan's "YES! YES!" chant.
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