Backstage Reasoning For Recent Love Angles

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Meltzer. :dawg:
  2. :eww: Its not appealing to me.
  3. Doesn't appeal to me either.
  4. I must've admit that I like the love angles, but Creative sucks on matching them up and making them work. ://


    Yepp. Odd one in the group ftw
  5. Love angles can be quite funny with a noisy crowd. The AJ/Cena angle was fun as hell in Birmingham, but if the crowd's dead then it's just awkward.
  6. I must say it's at least a different thing for Del Rio, that's decent I guess.
  7. Love angles usually suck when the females don't fight females. My favorite love storylines were when Stephanie was fighting Trish over Triple H, or the one that really was my favorite was over her dad Vinnie Mac. It only pays off when it makes the women relevant outside of just being pretty, or sexual.

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  8. Only interesting if all relevant wrestlers actually fight or if the angle is completely comedic. Otherwise, it's really just stupid.

    Not all females are into drama though I'm not denying that a lot of us are, but even then WWE doesn't even have good drama.

    WWE's drama lacks a lot of feels. We like to cry at things because stories are just so tense, y'know?

    Otherwise it's just like
  9. Rosa & Del Rio? First I'm hearing about this one, guessing it's terrible. Sounds terrible, though I may check it out for a laugh or if Rosa just dances during the segments I might check it out there.

    Since I've pretty much stopped watching except for what explicitly interests me, I can't really give a comment on those two though I have little doubt they suck, but the past few love angles WWE have done that I've seen have been terrible. I hated the AJ/Punk/Bryan/Kane thing they had going on awhile back. I actually can't think of one I liked, granted I've only been watching since MMVI (2006) but still.
  10. I don't mind them at all. The stories do sometimes jump all over the place, so it's hard to keep up with it all.
  11. ... Personally, love angles have been hit or miss in the WWE... and I wish they'd just either try harder or just stop completely.

    And I don't think they're trying to capture a female audience, well, I don't think that's the major reason.

    I think they're trying to capture a 'reality show' audience, considering how many love stories happen on those things.
  12. I don't really mind them as much as some people in the IWC do.
  13. Most ludacris "report" I've ever read. Good God.
  14. WWE should stop trying to appeal to my vagina and start trying to appeal to my penis. If there's going to be a love angle we need a sex tape :hogan:

    Seriously, these angles have been garbage and I'm wondering if they're written by Stephanie Meyer (and for those of you who don't know that's the writer of twilight (I had an emo phase that I don't like to talk about)). The last love storyline I cared about was Viscera & Trish Stratus because that was just hilarious. It's nice for WWE to want to reach out for a new demographic, but their main base is and always will be men. If they really wanted to appeal to women they should just build up their divas division, it's that simple. Even the men would be intrigued by this. All they have to do is train the divas better and let the writer produce some solid storylines for the women. I think everyone would be interested in watching that.
  15. It makes Crayo all emotional and question why Xanth doesn't show him that much love. When Cena kissed AJ I bet Crayo wished it was him & Xanth. :lol1:
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  16. This. This. And this.
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  17. Hands down the best post ever.
  18. These storylines don't apply to me either.
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