News Backstage talk on Cody vs Goldust feud

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  1. This needs to be a Wrestlemania feud imo. This could be gold. It's what many people have been asking for for quite a while now.
  2. Not interested tbh. The build/promos would be poor and we all know Cody wins. Maybe do it at the end of this year (SS/TLC), but it's not worthy of a WM spot.
  3. I think this is worthy of 'Mania status.
  4. The Heel Golddust part is obvious, but i still just mark knowing that's what i can expect. It's going to be such a great angle. Dust is one of my favorites ever on the mic, and they really sold the shit out of Cody's face run at MitB, that plus the corporate angle will sell him as a face for a year, easily.
  5. I'd love to see this. No one better to raise Cody's status then Goldie. One of the best entertainers I've ever seen.
  6. After all they've gone through together to get **back** in the WWE, what would be the point? This is just another *useless* ldea cooked up by some person in an WWE cubicle in CT.
  7. How long has Goldust been begging for this to happen?
  8. Umm, siince Hector was a pup?
  9. A lot. On twitter, he always tweeted Me vs Cody would be awesome, i would like to have a feud with Cody and shit like this.

    If this happens (Please God) I would like it to happen at WM (If my dream match Ziggler vs Cesaro vd Cody for the WHC isnt happenin).
    With all the corporation angle i could see it going down this way:
    They team up for a couple of months blah blah, Goldust gets fired because he loses a match or whatsoever. Cody tries to help his bro by talking to HHH but he gets nothing. Then we have around one month of Goldust off screen until RR when Goldust comes out the crowd and eliminates Cody. Cody asks HHH for an explanation. HHH says he has nothing to do with it, in fact, goldust isnt employed by the WWE. EC comes and Cody gets a shot at the WHC chamber . Cody and (Insert WHC champ here) are left. Cody hits the disaster kick on the champ. When hes going to hit the cross rhodes, goldust jumps over the barricade and stares at Cody, who goes to the ropes and starts shouting to Goldust "Why Why" or whatever. The champ recovers and wins via rollup or finisher due to Goldust distraction.
    The next day, on RAW, Cody makes HHH show up and demand him explanations. HHH says that Goldust asked for a contract the night after RR. HHH said that he would get it if he beats Cody, because there's only one room for a rhodes on the roster. Goldust comes out, says he deserves to be the one in the roster, and accuses Cody of stealing his fame.
    Cody vs Goldust contract on the line at WM 30
    Goldust retires for real.
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  10. I love that prediction.
  11. Goldust can still fucking go, and what a better swan song than putting over his litle bro and sending him on his way to the world title? I'm all about this shit if they were to go in that direction. Dirtsheets... bullshit... yadda yadda... but hypothetically speaking I'm down with this.
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  12. I'd like to see this, because it would be a passing of the torch as such. I'd also like to see how they would work Dusty into this angle, maybe have him go heel and support Gold Dust?
  13. This could be a good feud, but tbh, I've only been hearing Goldust ask for this. Not many people are invested in Goldust the character anymore.
  14. "Not many people" of course meaning "The poster Messiah on WWEForums".
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  15. This would be AWESOME, probably one of the most interesting feuds we will see in a long time. IT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT, VINCE.
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  16. They've known we want it ever since Cody and Dust threw down in the rumble. It got a great response from the live crowd. The feud will be kick ass.
  17. Have a match before Wrestlemania, handicap elimination. Have Cody Wan Rhodobi and Dus Quan-Dream vs Goldmaul. Dus gets eliminated when Cody is out of the ring, and have Goldmaul taunt and Cody get the win via rollup.
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  18. Meh, it's not really interesting match up to me.
  19. I think it is worthy for WrestleMania 30...
  20. I'd love to see Cody go against Goldust. I fantasy-booked something in my mind the other day before they announced Cena was going to fight ADR, where Sandow won the belt at BG or something. Then later in the year he feuded with Cody and in the end Damien retained, then he feuded vs Goldust and Dust won the strap. He'd then get cocky and end up turning on Cody and they'd fight for it at WM (just a little something I imagined, there are some inconsistencies there but I'd mark, I'm sure). Still, any Goldust/Cody feud ending at WM with Goldust finally retiring once and for all and putting Cody over would be great.