News Backstage Talk On Daniel Bryan Or Roman Reigns Winning The Royal Rumble; Bryan's Future

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 6, 2015.

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    not good
  3. There's nothing cool about uncertainty. lol
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  4. yea ment to change that
  5. Sounds like some people in the WWE have Bryan in the Ziggler doghouse, injury wise I mean.
  6. Meltzer-level inconclusive speculation
  7. Ziggler was concussed from being kicked in the head by some stoned jerkoff. He isn't really injury prone at all, in fact quite the opposite, he is very durable when you consider his style of bumping compared to how much time he misses.

    DB on the other hand sadly seems to be injury prone.
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  8. DZ was kicked by Thwagger, right? Damn, that was nasty.

    Yeah, DB's turning into Kevin Nash 2.0, basically. I mean, he couldn't find the worst time to get injured last year.
  9. Yea it was Swagger. Like two weeks after he cashed in mitb. I'm sure Ziggler could have worked through it but concussions are a societal hot button issue lately
  10. Damn right. Corey Graves had to retire due to having way too many concussions.
  11. Reigns is nowhere near ready right now, maybe next year or most idealy WM33 could be his main event time.

    Ziggler was kicked a bunch of times in the head and therefore was injured; Bryan's only injury recently has been this one, and that was after vigorous working. Chances are, he comes back now and won't get injured again for a long time. Then again, with Vince in charge, anything is possible.
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  12. I like this, it's better to not have the Main Event of WM telegraphed over 2 months in advance.
  13. Why not? This is the WWE after all. lol

    All joking aside, I agree with this. I'm always up for the not-so-predictable outcomes.
  14. Bryan and Ziggler had terrible timing on injuries. Neither injury prone at all and during Bryans career he Never experienced an extended absence until recently. To be injury prone would have to mean it's a frequent occurrence. Pretty simple, bad timing on both.
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  15. Absolutely correct. I can't even think of another injury Bryan's had whilst working for the 'E
  16. He had like minor nerve injury earlier in 2014 when he was facing Orton.
  17. Bryan had neck surgery and tommy john surgery, correct? That is a lot more severe than a concussion
  18. That "B" level player thing is so stupid
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  19. I'm pretty sure that was a work and he was off for a week.
  20. I don't think it was a work, cause I remember some news saying that Bryan and HHH had an argument because he's been in the indy scene and it's not a huge deal. I'll try to find the link. I don't think Bryan thought much of it, but the WWE doctors and HHH did.
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