News Backstage Talk On Major Concern Among TNA Talents After Being Given 'Best Case Scenario'

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 11, 2015.

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  2. And yet Bob Ryder said they'll be doing live events soon, possibly as soon as June. Smaller network means smaller TNA, anyways, until they have built themselves up on the channel. And aren't they doing tapings this weekend? Besides, TNA talents can do indie work between tapings.
  3. No one cares for TNA.
  4. "they can do indie work between tapings". As if that is a guarantee that all of them will get indie dates. Most wrestlers want to reach a level where they are paid enough by one promotion to not have to work other promotions or work limited dates/work an indie when they feel like it. Guys with name value like Davie and Eddie and Aries will get indie work by just looking at a promoter, but girls like Rebel?

    This story was published before Gaburick started talking about scheduling house shows, so TNA starting to plan house shows could very well be because this report is true and talent are grumpy about there not being any and thus limiting the amount of pay for some talent. Could also be completely unrelated.

    "Build themselves up on the channel" Not to sound mean but what can they build on Destination America? Which is a bottom level channel on the Discovery network. They are already the highest drawing show on that channel but the ratings have started to drop after the hot streak following the debut.
  5. Good for TNA and 100 people that are going to pay to see Taryn Terrell's porn tits.
  6. True, true. But if they could survive in the hiatus, they'll probably be able to get a few dates here and there.

    Ahh, that makes sense. Either way, hopefully house shows do good now and they'll probably be secure.

    Ratings are generally steady at 500k, they're rebuilding almost everything... TNA can get themselves even higher on D-A and possibly get higher up the Discovery network.
  7. The TNA brand is so damaged I'll be surprised if any house show has a turn out above 200
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