Backstage Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar News

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Source: PW
  2. "leading people to believe that Triple H will be going over."

    like he'd have it any other way :true:
  3. Wow this actually shocks me. People joke about HHH getting a boner when he finds out he's burying people, but judging from this report, that's 100% true.
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  4. lol I don't for a second believe that Vince had to be talked out of doing anything. I assumed that Brock's UFC appearance was actually planned by WWE, by trying to make the angle of his firing feel more 'real' by having him make an appearance at a UFC show. Similar to how Triple H wore an arm brace in public after Brock broke his arm.
  5. HHH was at a boxing pre-date not rocking any kind of arm-wear. I dont blame him for wanting a huge match with Lesnar, who wouldnt want to be in the biggest match of the summer? People can hate HHH for burying all he wants, i think this one he deserves. F*** Bork.
  6. Maybe this mean that will do it at the MITB PPV! let Brock win and then have him lose to CM PUNK for the WWE Champion at SummerSlam! :Yes:
  7. The news couldnt have made it any more clear that if HHH faces Bork, he wont be walking out a loser.
  8. I thought you were gone hoe :bury:

    either way....Vince needs to calm his tits and Trips needs to go to a retirement home with Hogan and Flair. He's still thinking he could be the biggest thing during this era where people love to see John Cena. And even John Cena became bigger than Trips and he wasn't even here for that long.
  9. Uh I said I would not gonig to post as must anymore that does mean that I gone the whole read the thread again!
  10. Yeah he was. Look closer, because that was the example I was thinking of.
  11. whooops, i read and quick posted instead of letting it settle in. Sorry.
  12. Fuck that.
  13. these stupid ass reports bore me

    and it's been said to death, but for fucking fuck's sake WWE, you are paying Brock 5 million large for one year's service and you are wasting him by putting over Cena, HHH, and presumably Taker at Mania. How fucking dumb can you fuckheads be
  14. ...i guess IMO they are doing it because Vince doesnt need cash and has no problem burying someone he might feel shat on him before. He still draws big and earns the paycheck, just without a W in the main event.
  15. Point being you could use Brock to make some big time stars. Imagine what a win over Lesnar could mean to guys like Bryan, Punk, Ziggler, ect instead of having the already made men of WWE going over him and not really getting anything from it. Triple H going over Lesnar doesn't do anything for anyone besides maybe JoseTortilla who can pop a boner while watching the match
  16. "Reportedly..."
    "Word is..."
  17. AKA

    "I'm guessing"
    "I've put 2 and 2 together"
    "Drawing conclusions anyone could make"
  18. Agreed. I guess i would just say it's obvious Bryan/Zig etc arent seen at that level (not my opinion or that of most posters here), and although Punk is probably best fit to beat Brock, i think it would be doubtful even just on the basis of the Heyman boys headlining a WWE PPV.
  19. Triple H can't wait to put over Brock.
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